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Stag Do Costume Ideas


If your stags want to dress up in coordinated costumes then we have the answer! We have provided loads of stag do costume ideas that will make your stag do really stand out from the crowd and transform the big stag weekend!


One of the most obvious group costume ideas is to dress up as superheroes. The great thing about this costume idea is that there is no shortage of heroes to dress up as! Choose from the well known heroes such as Superman, Batman and Spiderman to the more modern superheroes like Iron Man, Thor and The Hulk!

Disney Pixar Characters

Dress up as some of your beloved Disney Pixar characters. From Woody and Buzz Lightyear to Mike and Sully from Monsters inc. With these brightly coloured costumes your stags will be sure to attract some attention! Don't forget to to include any of the neccessary props and gadgets!

Video Game Characters

Most lads have spent many hours of their childhood and even their adult life playing video games. So why not dress up as your favourite gaming characters? You have your animated classics such as Super Mario and Sonic and your action packed characters such as Halo and Mortal Kombat characters! Choose wisely lads!

Animal Costumes

If you or your stags are a bit like party animals, why don’t you get your lads to dress up as… well… animals! There are a great range of animal outfits available so your stags will be spoilt for choice! Why not choose animal costumes for eachother and pick the type of animal that best represents that particular stag!

Food Costumes

Dressing up as food items is a really funny thing to do for your stag do! Set a challenge and see who can get the most outrageous and hilarious food costume. If anyone tries a ‘Lady Gaga meat dress’ stunt, the clubs will probably not let you in! The faithful fruit costumes are always a big hit for stags, like the bannana or a bunch of grapes! 

Star Wars Characters

Star Wars is probably the most famous film series ever! Everyone knows the catch phrase, everyone knows the villain and everyone recognises the theme music! There are so many great characters you can dress up as! If you are on the light side of the force you could be Han Solo, Luke, Obi Wan or Yoda or if you will go to the dark side of the force there is Darth Maul, Jango Fett and of course Darth Vader! The great thing about this costume idea is that if the main characters are taken, then the remainder of the group can go as storm troopers - a classic character in its own right!

Image Credits EssentialWeddings.ie | Thisiswhyimabloke.com | Buycostumes.com


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