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Top 10 Las Vegas Stag Do Tips


With such a range of trendy nightclubs and casinos, you will be spoilt for choice in Viva Las Vas Vegas! There is always a buzz in ‘Sin City’ and around the clock drinking is considered the norm... surely something a group of stags will make use of! Most clubs are open until 4am but there are plenty of fun after-hours clubs for those who just aren’t ready for bed yet.

Any lads looking to go all out there is of course, strip clubs. And Vegas is known to have some of the most beautiful women on this planet, so why not try it? After all, ‘What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas’.


Top 10 Las Vegas Stag Do Tips

1. Weather

Las Vegas is slap, bang in the middle of the desert! In July the weather on average hits up to 41° C and a low of 23° C so don’t be silly and think you can get away without wearing suncream, especially when drinking in the heat. 

2. What Clothes to Pack

With such extreme heat, shorts, sandals and tee shirts will be your best friend out on the strip. Sunglasses are an accessory that will not go amiss so don’t forget to pack your Ray Bans on your Las Vegas stag weekend!

3. Nightclub Dress Codes

Dress codes can vary depending on where you go, but make sure to pack your best shirts, shoes and jeans for most clubs and try to avoid wearing tee shirts, trainers and tank tops etc on nights out.

4. Pool Parties


Guys, this is where you may find the woman of your dreams (Single lads of course!)! Sunshine, Dj’s, drink, beautiful ladies and huge pools..what’s not to like? Make sure to check out a pool party on your Las Vegas stag weekend and book it in advance. A helpful tip here is to make sure you wear swimming shorts to the pool party and not jean shorts as you will be refused entry in a number of venues.

5. Events


There is sure to be huge events in Vegas whenever you go, whether it’s superstar DJ’s like Sebastion Ingrosso and Hardwell, or multi-million pound boxing or UFC fights! Be sure to check websites such as
VegasTickets.com and pre-book these events as they will sell out! Whether you like him or not, you are sure to have a crazy night at a Conor McGregor UFC fight night so get it booked lads!

6. Casino’s


Almost every bar you walk into will have a casino section of sort. A great bit of advice is to not to forget to pack a jacket or hoody. It may be extremely hot on the strip, but in these bars and casino’s air con is pumped up high to keep punters alert and awake so it can get chilly! You will also find casino’s have no windows or clocks, so it can be very easy to lose track of time..so try not to blow all your money on the first few nights!

7: Drinks


Bar prices run from cheap to ridiculously expensive in Las Vegas. $4 - $8 for a bottle of beer is common and $8-$10 for spirits. However, be careful of your money when buying drinks in nightclubs and at pool parties as prices for spirit and mixer can be more than double the price here!

8: Tipping


For those who have never been stateside, tipping is compulsory. Rule of thumb is generally to tip 15% to 20% for meals and taxis, depending on the quality of food and service of course! To the gamblers out there who may be on the slots or tables, you will be pleased to hear most drinks are served freely to you whilst playing. Be sure to tip your waitress at least $1, or a little more and she may come back to you more often! 

9. Free Attractions


You will be delighted to hear there are also plenty of fantastic and crazy free attractions in Vegas as well! The Fountains of Bellagio have a show every half an hour from 3pm to 8pm and every 15 minutes from 8pm to 12pm. With music shows accompanying this magnificent sight, it surely is one for the to-do list on your Las Vegas stag weekend! Make sure to check out the Volcano exploding every hour after dusk at The Mirage and be a cheesy tourist and make your friends jealous with a new profile picture under the Las Vegas sign! If you are feeling the heat outside, go to The Aquarium at Silverton Hotel which is home to more that 5,000 exotic fish.

10. Cheapest Dates

Prices in Las Vegas can vary depending on the events on at the time and the time of year you go. Cheapest times for hotel rates are July and August when it's too hot for many people and the middle two weeks of December after the rodeo is over but before the New Year's craziness. 

So there you have it lads, our top 10 Las Vegas Stag Weekends tips that are sure to help you be well prepared for what’s in store in Sin City! Hopefully they are useful to your group and that they help you have an unbelievable experience in one of the most exciting and fun filled cities there is! 

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