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Halloween Stag Do Activities


Halloween is fast approaching lads, so if you've been assigned the task of organising an up and coming stag do in October, then why not base it around Halloween. This time of year isn’t just for the kids, it can help create the perfect scene for the ultimate Halloween stag do that your lads are likely never to forget!

When you think of Halloween, your likely to think of pumpkins, costumes and parties. Well, I am going to give you lads some top tips on how to pull off a fun Halloween stag do.

Carving Pumpkins

For a fun stag do Halloween activity why not carve up your own pumpkins, as your lads would have done in their younger days! For a modern stag do twist, why not challenge each other to create pumpkin ‘look-a-likes’ of your stag do group. Award prizes for the best pumpkin carvings, and obviously include some drinking forfeits for the worst! If your lads are planning on heading out on the town later in the night, why not set up the challenge of trying to get a photograph with your pumpkin and a lucky lady out and about in the town! The camera never lies gentlemen…

Halloween Fancy Dress

It goes without saying that you lads are likely to dress up for your Halloween stag do. Forget the usual ‘Mario and Luigi’ costumes and the ‘Incredible Hulk’, why not go dressed up as a group of hilarious and scary zombies! This is the perfect Halloween stag do fancy dress idea for a group of lads on a shoe string budget. All you need is some old, unwanted clothes to put rips and tears in, as well as some fake blood and face paint to really give your stag party a makeover, now for the fancy dress part… just kidding! Your stag do will feel like the iconic zombies from Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ music video, perhaps leave the dance moves to the professionals tho eh lads!

Halloween Fright Night

What Halloween stag do would be complete without a few Halloween horror films to kickstart the stag do celebrations. This is the perfect Halloween stag do idea for those lads looking to spend a night in the comfort of their own home. Don’t get too comfy however, as you will be hitting the roof with those jumpy moments as you and the stag group watch many of the Halloween classics including the ‘Halloween’ movie collection. Include a few Halloween snacks and drinks to complete this perfect Halloween stag do fright night idea.

Images Credits: getsurrey | Buzzfeed

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