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DIY Summer Stag Do Ideas


Gather the lads and bring them round to enjoy a DIY Summer Stag Do! Are your stags on a limited budget? Why not host the stag do celebrations at home in the back garden of one of your best mates?! These super cool DIY Summer ideas will ensure that your lads have all the fun, without splashing out the cash!

Summer Stag Do Themes

An important thing to remember if the lads are coming round to your place is to have the fridge well stocked with plenty of beers, just kidding lads.. Although this is still vitally important to remember!

Why not throw a Summer themed stag do to add an element of fun to the night ahead? Have your lads come dressed up in the coolest Summer attire that they can find. Such as cheesy Hawaiian shirts, or brightly coloured swim shorts, weather permitting! Some may even turn-up dressed like David Hasselhoff from Baywatch! Although don’t go expecting them to save you from the embarrassment of drowning in the kiddies pool lads…

Summer Stag Do Games

Beer Pong

Kickstart the stag do celebrations by playing a few Summer stag do games to get everyone in the party spirit! Bring out a stag do all-time favourite and prepare your lads for a fun filled game of Beer Pong!

Split your lads into two teams and let the fun begin as they battle it out to try and land as many ping pong balls into their oppositions cups as possible! Top tip, let your most skilled teammate go first to show the other team how it should be done, as the more you make the other team drink, the more likely you are to win! This is guaranteed to get the stag do celebrations well and truly started!

Table-Top Football Tournament

This is sure to be favourite amongst all your stags as they are likely to have played on one of these super fun tables before. This classic football table game has settled many arguments between groups of lads and it will be no different when your stags take to their football positions around the table! After all, every lad who has played this game before has a preferred side and a position that they like to play from! Score as many goals as you can in an all out effort to become the winning team at table-top football! Hand out medals like they would at any major football event and make the loosing team do a forfeit of your choice! We’ll leave the forfeit ideas up to you…

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Summer Stag Do BBQ

What DIY Summer stag do would be complete without a delicious BBQ in the backyard? This is possibly the most important aspect of an unforgettable Summer party, especially a stag do full of hungry lads! Whoever takes charge of the BBQ is sure to be the most watched stag on the stag do. As you are going to have everyone coming over to check on the BBQ progress and offer their ‘expert guidance’ on how they would do the cooking, if they were left in-charge! If you make it to the end without any barbecuing incidents, then your are likely going to be everyones best mate by the end of the stag do as you have just successfully carried out one of the most important jobs at any Summer stag do party! Well done!

DIY Summer Decor

When it comes to having the lads round for a Summer stag do party, it is important to make the effort and include DIY Summer decor. Putting out a few ice buckets full of beer is a great start, although you should also think outside the box, so why not get your wheelbarrow out of the shed and fill it full of ice? You've just got yourself a cold beer-bottle barrow on wheels! Which I am sure will not go unnoticed amongst your stags!

Invest in some matching paper plates, cutlery and napkins to create a theme that I am sure your lads will appreciate, as they won’t have any of the washing up to do at the end! Create your own Summer cocktail creations in giant glass dispensers to complete this DIY Summer stag do!

So there you have it lads, you have just got yourself an awesome DIY Summer Stag Do, without going all out on the credit card! Let’s just hope the weather is on your side too!

Image Credits: FoosballReviews | Pinterest | EliteDaily

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