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9 Packing Tips for a Foreign Stag Do


9 Packing Tips for a Foreign Stag Do

Foreign stag do’s are getting more popular than ever! Whether it’s a sunny retreat to Barcelona, a clubbing holiday in Ibiza or the mother of all stag do destinations, Las Vegas, You lads need to make sure you pack correctly! It’s the little accessories that make the difference and here we reveal 9 packing tips for a foreign stag do that will help your group make it an unforgettable experience!



Let’s start with the basics. It is very important to check your airline’s weight and size restrictions before leaving for your foreign stag do, otherwise some of your group may have to leave personal items behind! Most airlines allow 1 cabin bag and hand luggage, but they vary so be sure to check! Our advice is to travel light as you may buy clothes at your destination.

EHIC Health Card / Insurance

Don’t take the risk of travelling without insurance or a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) on your foreign stag do, especially when you will be celebrating with alcohol and taking part in stag do activities. An EHIC will get you free or low cost medical treatment in any EU member country. Have no regrets on your stag party abroad and get yourselves covered lads!



Currency exchange rates can vary from time to time. Check exchange rates regularly before your foreign stag do to get best value for your money when changing currency. Also, check whether you will be charged to withdraw money abroad and be sure to tell your bank you are travelling as they could block your card if they think it suspicious that it is being used in a foreign country!



Be sure to pack according to the destination you are travelling to, the season you are going and to the stag do activities you will partake in. Trendy shirts, jeans and shoes will be needed for most clubs. For those on a sunny stag do, shorts, sandals and sunglasses will be essential! Swimming gear will not go amiss on most stag party holidays so get the trunks packed lads!

Hangover Cures
Everyone has their own special hangover cure, and let’s face it lads, you are more than likely to have at least one hangover on your foreign stag do, so be prepared! So pack your Berocca or vitamins of choice to help nurse that sore head back to health! Also be wary of what you eat the next day as foreign breakfasts can be a lot different than the typical fry up we have. For those of you staying at accommodation with a pool, you may find a quick jump in will help freshen you up for the stag do activities ahead!

Aftershave, toothpaste, hair products and deodorant are among many essential cosmetics to pack for your foreign stag party. Shaving foam and razors will also be needed to look fresh for your stag night out! Anyone going to sunny destinations should remember sun cream and moisturiser or aloe-vera to help with any burns that you may get!



Music is essential to get your foreign stag do started! Make sure someone in your group brings speakers for the hotel room to keep the vibe going. Small speakers such as a Beats Pill would be perfect as it won’t take up much luggage space. Headphones will also be very useful for plane journeys to keep you occupied on a long journey, and to stop your ears from popping!

A deck of cards will never go amiss on any holiday. Pass the time on your plane journey by playing fun games such as Crazy 8’s! When you guys reach the destination and the festivities are commencing, get the cards out and play a few fun drinking games such as King’s Cup and you are sure to get the stag party in full flow!

Now that we have revealed these 9 packing tips for a foreign stag do, you guys should get yourselves well prepared for all possibilities! So get the bags packed lads, and relax knowing that you are in good shape for a brilliant few days of action-packed fun and laughter!

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