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8 Stag Do Cocktails You Must Try


8 Stag Do Cocktails You Must Try

Gone are the days when us guys had to drink a pint of lager or ale to fit in! Sure, who doesn’t love a pint when we are out, but how about switch it up a little and try a few tempting cocktails that will hit the spot on your stag do night out! With cocktails offering such a wide variety of flavours and strengths, there is sure to be at least one out there to please everyone in your stag group! Here, we let you gentlemen know 8 of the best stag do cocktails out there!



The Mojito is the classic man’s favourite! The mint and lime combined with a kick of rum to create arguably the most famous rum-based cocktail that there is!

Flaming Lamborghini


This is one cocktail that is going to get the stag night heated up! Sambuca and kahlua coffee liqueur are mixed in a cocktail glass with a shot each of Blue Curacao and Bailey’s set to the side. The mixture in the glass is set on fire and drank in one through a straw! as you get to the bottom of the glass, put the fire out by during the 2 shots in the cocktail glass and keep drinking until all is gone! This will separate the boys from the men on your stag do weekend!

Long Island Iced Tea


Don’t be fooled by the name, this is one of the strongest cocktails that you will encounter on your stag do. Named after it’s resemblance in colour to ice tea, this cocktail includes vodka, rum, gin, tequila and triple sec all in one! That’s a serious concoction and around 22% higher alcohol content than most cocktails!

Gin Martini


One of the most famous alcoholic beverages out there, drinking a gin martini on your stag do will make you ooze sophistication! The main ingredient gin is served with dry vermouth in a variation of ways. A Dry Martini will be served with a higher ratio of gin to vermouth and a dirty martini will be served with a twist of olive or lemon!



If your stag party is going to Mexico, then Margarita cocktails will be flowing! Tequila, triple sec and lemon juice make up a tasty cocktail that will contribute to a great stag night! This can be served on the rocks, or blended up with ice!

Old Fashioned


This simple, masculine cocktail is a potent mix of whiskey, bitters and sugar, usually served with nothing more than a strip of orange or lemon peel. This one is great for a stag do as it is not associated with the juicy sweet cocktails that may be more common.



This elegant and tasty cocktail is a classic! A Manhattan is a cocktail made with whiskey, sweet vermouth, and bitters. Any Whiskey lovers in the group will enjoy this as a stag do cocktail.

The Tom Collins


This sweet and bubbly gin based cocktail is another classic and even the name speaks manliness! The Tom Collins is a cool, summer beverage, built over ice and served in a tall, slender glass that is perfect for any of the lads on your stag do that enjoy drinking gin!

The Sidecar


This classy French cocktail is a mixture of Cointreau, Cognac and lemon juice. What’s not to like?

Try something different at the bar by choosing one of these delicious stag do cocktails on you stag night! You are sure to be impressed!

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