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6 Stag Party Films You Must Watch


6 Stag Party Films You Must Watch

Are you thinking of organising a stag do but are struggling for ideas? We reveal six of the funniest movies for a stag party that are sure to inspire your group with ideas for stag do destinations and activities! Sit down, crack open a few bottles up beer and enjoy some classic holiday films!

The Hangover (1, 2 and 3)


One of the greatest comedy trilogies to grace movie theatres that will have you lads absolutely buzzing to get on your stag do! The Hangover trilogy is based around 4 guys having their stag party weekend and losing the Stag with hilarious and disastrous consequences! Watch these films with your mates and it will be difficult for you guys to look past booking a Vegas stag do! Although you will want your stag do to go a little more smoothly, it’s hard to deny you would want a few memorable experiences like the Wolf Pack did!

American Pie: The Wedding


Any of the American Pie films will give you a great laugh, but The Wedding will get you in stag party mode! From the moment Stiffler hears that Jim is getting married and mentions a party, you know it won’t end well! With an abundance of beautiful women, parties and alcohol, American Pie will have you lads in stitches of laughter and inspire the best man to prepare an unforgettable stag do!

The Inbetweeners Movie


Although The Inbetweeners Movie is not about a stag do, this film will get you lads itching to get on a plane and have a crazy holiday with your mates! Following a group of clumsy teens who go on a boozing holiday to Greece and experience all the ups and downs of friendship in hilarious circumstances!

Kevin and Perry Go Large


Are you planning an Ibiza stag do? If so, Kevin and Perry Go Large is a film you either have seen and loved or must see! Following two idiotic teenagers who are planning to go to Ibiza to become DJ’s and get with loads of girls, this film will have you lads in fits of laughter throughout! The club scenes and electric music combined with the beautiful girls will inspire you lads to get on the ball and get Ibiza booked right away!

Casino Royale


Beautiful women, sharp suites, casino’s and drinks are what you lads are in store for when you watch Casino Royale. Sounds strangely familiar to what the ideal stag do sounds like, right? This thrilling James Bond film starring Daniel Craig will inspire you lads to dress up smart and show you how to play it cool at the poker table and with the ladies (excluding the stag of course)!

Old School


For inspiration to relive the good old days of care free partying and crazy activities for one last time, then Old School is the perfect stag party film for you guys to watch! The plot is based around three middle aged men who are depressed with their lives and end up reliving their college days by starting a fraternity when one moves into a house near a college campus. This film will leave you so excited to go out with your stag group and experience the same crazy parties on your stag night!

Get the drinks and snacks at the ready men and sit down to watch some of these stag party inspiring films that will have you thrilled and excited for your stag night!

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