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5 Winter Stag Weekends Abroad


5 Winter Stag Weekends Abroad

Why not consider hosting your stag do abroad this winter and experience the different cultures and weather in one of many fantastic cities that will guarantee that you have a superb and eventful time! Our weather can get a little depressing in winter, but some of the cities that we are about to reveal become even more beautiful and picturesque in the winter months! With so many stag do activities, nightlife and fine dining on offer, your entire stag group are bound to be impressed!

Amsterdam Stag Weekend


Amsterdam is one of the most popular European stag do destinations at any time of the year! With an abundance of activities, beautiful scenery and jaw dropping architecture, an Amsterdam stag do in winter is a great choice! During the day, take in the scenery around the wonderful canals followed by a tour of the Heineken brewery where you will get to taste many different beers and learn some interesting facts along the way. By night, Amsterdam really comes alive! Visit some of the cool café’s and then take a tour of the world famous Red Light District to see what really makes Amsterdam unique for a stag weekend! With many other top class restaurants and nightclubs for you to visit, you are sure to have an unforgettable stag do abroad if you visit Amsterdam!

Budapest Stag Weekend


Why not take your group off to Hungary for a winter stag do in the vibrant and lively city of Budapest? This city is divided into two by the River Danube and is full of brilliant stag do activities and boasts fantastic nightlife up there with any other city in Europe! On the ‘Buda’ side of the river, you lads can take in some amazing views and visit some historical sites such as the Royal Palace and Walled Castle. Make your way across the Danube to the ‘Pest’ side of the city and treat yourselves to top class dining and nightlife on your Budapest stag party! You lads could also take a cruise and see the marvellous sights of the Opera House and Gellert Hill to name but a few! One thing’s for sure, you will have plenty of stag do activities and nightlife to choose from on your stag party in Hungary!

Krakow Stag Weekend


Krakow has become one of the most popular stag do destinations in Europe and it’s not hard to understand why. Boasting stunning architecture, cobbled streets, a huge range of bars and nightclubs and fun activities, a Krakow stag weekend could be the perfect idea for your group! With the average cost of a pint of beer only £1.50, you are sure to have a great time! Market Square is the liveliest of areas for nightlife and you lads are sure to find a bar that the entire group will enjoy for the all important stag night!

Prague Stag Weekend


Visit Prague on your winter stag do and take in the amazing views in this historical and beautiful city! The layer of snow around the city in winter only makes it that more fascinating! Take your group of lads to the Christmas markets on your Prague stag do and taste delicious food from all around Europe while washing it down with some of the best beer you have ever had! Or maybe you are looking for a more thrilling stag do activity? Well then ice skating or skiing might tickle your groups fancy! Before you guys even enter a bar, Prague has so much to offer you on your stag do weekend abroad! When you do though, we are sure you will be impressed by the excellent beer at such a cheap price!

Riga Stag Weekend


Riga, Latvia, provides many reasons to have a winter stag do weekend there. If your group of lads is sports mad, you should go and watch the Riga Dinamos Ice Hockey team for a different sporting experience with a thrilling atmosphere! Maybe you would like to have a go at skating yourself? Then get to Riga’s Esplanade Park and try your hand at this thrilling activity! Then make your way to the hustle and bustle of the bars and get to a Latvian folk dancing party where your are sure to have a great time watching or taking part in this great dance while enjoying the fantastic local beer on your Riga stag do!

So there you have why you should start planning a winter stag do abroad for your best mates last few nights of freedom! You know you will be guaranteed an unforgettable experience, so get it booked lads!

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