Stag Do Woolacombe Guide

What about a surfing stag weekend in Woolacombe? As one of the top surfing destinations in England, the sandy beach is a glorified sandbox for you to muck around in. This coastal town has a massive and varied range of activities for you to try on your stag, so if you want to get active on your last night of freedom—look no further. Drink in the sun on the beach, hang ten on the waves, and enjoy a Woolacombe stag do to rival all stag dos’!

Woolacombe is a seaside town situated in North Devon, and is Devon’s most popular party destination. The reason for this is of course, Woolacombe beach. This stretch of sand down the Bristol Channel, coupled with the mid-climate in Devon, makes it a sunny and affordable destination for your UK stag weekend.

Woolacombe Stag Do Activities


When it comes to activities, there is no better place to start than with surfing. The surf culture is strong here, and with surf shops across the town offering supplies and board-hire. It’s easy to get equipped after you arrive. What’s more, you can get private lessons from a surf school exclusively for your stag party. It’s the perfect chance to learn something new and challenge yourself to attack the waves head on!

Aside from surfing, Parasailing is a truly unique experience which takes advantage of the bay. When parasailing, you will be fitted with a parachute which is attached to a boat. After the boat picks up the pace, you will soar to new heights as the parachute catches the wind. Nothing really compares to parasailing, so take the opportunity to do something new!

Other watersports are also ready available to enjoy in Woolacombe. You can row, kayak or canoe your way across the bay with your mates. These activities are a great work out and lots of fun, as you can race each other through the Bristol channel to see who comes out on top. Wetsuits will be required for all water-based activities, and coasteering is no exception. Whilst coasteering involves scaling fossil cliffs instead of actually getting into the water, there is always the possibility that some numpty will fall in! Fortunately a skilled instructor will be on hand, so you’ll never find yourself in harm’s way. As for the wetsuit, they are easy to purchase and are also available to hire in surf shops around the town.

Other manly endeavours for a Woolacombe stag do consist of air rifle shooting in a cool indoor range, clay pigeon shooting, paintball, golf, zorb football, tree top adventures, go-karting and quad biking! Weirdest of all activities hands down though, has to be Electric shock football. It’s just your run-of-the-mill 5-a-side, but with a shocking twist. Two members on each team will be equipped with a zapper which they can use to zap the other team, so keep on your guard!

Woolacombe Stag Night Ideas


As for nightlife opportunities on your Woolacombe stag do, its quality over quantity! First is The Red Barn, a surf bar just minutes from the beach. Surfers coming in from a day of riding the waves will frequent here—so the place will be busy. This long standing bar and restaurant has great beer, making a pint from the draught after a day on the beach the sweetest you’ve ever tasted. As well as this, this venue has amazing food and terrific live music as well. Events and party themes are also rife here, with the bar staying open late on weekends making it a compelling choice for your stag night.

Another potential venue is Marisco, which allegedly is the longest running nightclub in Britain! As the only nightclub in Woolacombe, Marisco is the top nightlife destination in town. This ultra violet themed nightclub attracts amazing international DJs that add to an atmosphere offset by the etchings of pop and rock heroes embellished on the walls.

Lastly, Bar Electric is a bar and restaurant which has terrific food, friendly staff and quality live music. Enjoy a pint or three after pulling yourself from the beach and bring in the celebrations with live music with the people that matter on your last night of freedom.

Woolacombe Stag Do Accommodation


Firstly, you can opt for self-catering lodges and cottages, which are usually found close to the beach of Woolacombe—making for some fantastic views. These houses are a good idea in order to avoid hotel check in and out times. But if you’d prefer for all your needs to be taken care of, there are a number of quality 3 and 4 star hotels ranging from luxury to budget. So whatever your budget, you can rest assured that there will be a hotel within your price-range.

What’s widely popular in Woolacombe however, is pitching a tent and camping at Europa Park. Here, you can set up camp in the fields overlooking the beach—home to the best views going. What better way to enjoy your stag night than by having a couple of cold ones under the starry sky at night? Similar to this are surf pods which are also available and provide the perks of camping, but with the added advantage that you can be first to hit the beach!

Image Credits: Europa Park

So with a sandy beach that is perfect for surfing and watersports, varied accommodation options and a nightlife that will exceed expectations—a Woolacombe Stag do will be your lads talk about for years to come!