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STAG DO Themes

Stag do themes are a great way to get friends both old and new involved and a prime way to help break the ice! Uniformity is key with these teams, so rock up to the stag night in an appropriate theme that all the lads can relate to, from Cowboys and Mexicans, to Gangsters and Pirates!

Stag do themes are also a great way to commemorate this occasion, take a few snaps to capture the hilarious moments which are even funnier when everyone is dressed like Mario and Luigi! If you need help deciding what theme will suit everyone, here are some theme ideas to aid you in your search!

Elvis Stag Do Theme

Nothing says "I'm ready to rock" at the stag night when everyone is dressed like the King himself! With a black quiff and a white leather suit, dress up as Elvis together and takeover the dance floor! This theme only requires a suit and wig, so it requires little fuss and will have a hilarious effect, with dozens of Kings of Rock strutting around the entire night!

Mexican Stag Do Theme

Get the fiesta started as you party like a Mexican! With a sombrero hat, moustache and a quirky suit, you and the boys will leave your gringo days behind as you party like its Mardi Gras! A few tequilas are sure to be on the cards!

Nautical Stag Do Theme

For a boat rockin' stag party, have everyone on deck with a Sea Captain Stag Do Theme! Wear navy sailor hats and suits and bark nautical orders for the entire night! Sail your way to success with this out of the ordinary theme!

Superhero Stag Do Theme

Dress up as your favourite superhero or childhood comic figure for the day with this super cool theme! You can choose to either dress up as a tribe of Batmen or Spidermen, or alterntaively, dress up seperately as the avengers! The lad that draws the short straw has to be black widow!

Pirate Stag Do Theme

Become the next Johnny Depp with a Pirate stag theme! Go all out with large hoop earrings, sleeve tattoos, long hair and bandanas to get that badass black beard look! Drink Captain morgans for the night and have a jolly time with your mateys!

Gangster Stag Do Theme

A stag do theme that will secretly leave you all feeling super cool! Pick out your favourite suit, add a nice hat, trench coat and white spats to complete the Ganster theme! You can also go the extra mile and invest in a few cigars to help mark the celebrations in style!

Priest or Vicar Stag Do Theme

This ironic theme is perfect for lads that wish to give holy men a bad name! With all the lads dressed as priests or vicars, you can help spread a divine message to partay! For an Irish spin on things, you can decide to dress as the infamous 'Father Jack,' or slightly more sensible 'Father Ted' of course!

Retro Eighties Stag Do Theme

There's no better way to get down at the disco than wearing a Retro Eighties Theme. Everyone loves an eighties themed night so this is the ultimate choice! From playing old school 80 songs to perfecting the rockstar look, this theme is guaranteed to be a roaring success!

Smurfs Stag Do Theme

Nothing screans "uniformity" and borders on the ridiculous more than a smurfs theme! Appoint a fitting character to each member of the stag crew and have a fun night as a little team of blue people! No one you meet on the stag night will need to be explained what you're dressed as, as it'll be glaringly apparent!

Pub Golf Stag Do Theme

Considering a pub crawl? If so, the pub golf theme works a treat. Choose either a geeky golf look with tartan pants or a cool modern look to mark the occasion! Take this attire out on the cobbles and enjoy a back 9 on the stag night, although few make it past 5!