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Stag Do Survival Kit Ideas


Preparation is key before the stag do! To help we have came up with stag do survival kit ideas to help you be prepared for everything that you are likely to encounter. From hip flasks to hangover kits for the morning after, we have got it covered!

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Hip Flask

Hip Flask

Bringing a hip flask on the stag weekend is a great idea as it is classy and can save you a little bit of money! You can fill the hip flask with whatever you fancy whether that be whiskey or rum and can take a swig of it on the night out to get you in the party mood! If your up for a wild night out, then be sure to pack the hip flask!

Mints / Chewing Gum


When you are out with the lads drinking and eating, it is only natural that your breath might get a little smelly. That is why you should always pack mints or chewing gum as part of a stag do survival kit! This is especially true for the single guys in the group who may be looking for their future Mrs!



The morning after the stag night is more than likely going to be a little bit rough and that is where a few paracetamol are sure to come in handy! To help soothe the head and get you back in tip top shape for the days activities ahead, pack a few paracetamol in the stag do survival kit! (Of course do read the instructions before taking them!)



For an energy boost after the stag night activities, be sure to pack some Berocca in your stag do survival kit. This is our top tip to revitalise yourself and get you prepared to celebrate the stags last night’s of freedom again as these energy tablets are full of vitamins and can give you that extra boost that is needed to get up and shake off the hangover!



For a classy idea on the stag do, bring a packet of cigars in the stag do survival kit! You and the rest of the lads can light up a cigar just like movie stars such as Robert Downey Jr and former James Bond, Pierce Brosnan as well as international music star Jay Z!



We recommend that you pack some snacks in your stag do survival kit for when you may be playing stag party games or drinking in your accommodation. Snacks such as crisps, chocolates and nuts are perfect for when you get a little peckish while in the apartment or hotel and will keep your energy levels up before you go out on the stag night!


Water Bottle

Pack water, and lots of it! The morning after the stag night you are sure to wake up with a dry mouth and that is where water will be essential. Miniature bottles are ideal for the stag do survival kit!

Toiletry Bag

Toiletry Bag

It is essential that each member of the stag party brings a toiletry bag to get ready for the big stag night and also for the day after! What must be included is hair gel, toothpaste, tooth brush, aftershave, deodorant, show gel and shampoo. These essentials are needed as part of a stag do survival kit so that you can freshen up before and after the night out not to mention the activities!

We hope that we have inspired you to pack the perfect stag do survival kit because one thing is for sure lads, you are going to need it at some point over the stag weekend!

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