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Stag Do Sky Diving

Stag Do Sky Diving

Stag do sky diving is truly one of the most exhilarating activities you can do not just on a stag do but ever! In case you don't know what sky diving is, its when you are brought high into the sky in a plane and then jump out of the sky falling at terminal velocity which is around 120 mph for a human. However you must deploy your parachute before you get to near to the ground or the consequences are deadly! Once your parachute has been deployed it is just a matter of steering it with steering toggles that can be used to steer right and left and make the fall faster or slower. This will ensure you won’t have an unfortunate landing!

Is Sky Diving Dangerous?

There is no getting away from the fact that sky diving is dangerous but if don’t do anything stupid you should be fine. Driving is just as dangerous and you probably do that everyday without hesitation.

If you are anxious about doing a sky dive you can do a tandem sky dive where you will would be strapped to an experienced sky diver who will deploy the parachute and glide you safely to the ground.

Stag Do Free styling Sky Diving

When your plummeting from the sky when sky diving, you almost feel like your flying as your so far away from the ground you don’t feel like your falling. You can then somersault and twist through the air like a stunt plane. You can also alter your falling speed by moving your body to less or more aerodynamic shape.

Stag do sky diving is an activity you defiantly will not forget and could be something stags would be stroking off the bucket list.



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