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Stag Do Singing Experience

If your stags enjoy a good sing along then get singing on your stag do. Whether its going to a karaoke night or having a song professional produced and recorded in a recording studio. Sing some of the feel good classics to get you right in the mood for the stag do. 

Stag Do Karaoke

Karaoke is a really great activity to do just before the stag night out. Loads of pubs and bars offer karaoke nights which will allow your stags to go in stag and belt out one of their favourite songs! Don’t worry if you don’t know all the words, nowadays their are karaoke machines that can be connected to a TV and will display all the correct lyrics - even tell you when to sing them!

Stag Do Recording Studio

If you want to produce something to remember the stag do by then where better to go than a recording studio make a musical master piece. With all the professional gear (including auto tune) your song should come out with the same quality as the latest hit from One Direction! At a recording studio you will have three options; cover a song, cover a song but change the lyrics or make a completely original song. The latter will take more time and effort and probably cost more but the groom-to-be will only have one stag do! What ever your stags decide to produce it will make a great keep sake and could be something that can be taken out at the wedding.

Stag Do Music Video

Go one better and have a music video made to go with your studio recording. A music video will bring your song to life and give your camera friendly stags a chance in the limelight! Some music video providers will have a green screen, costumes and props to make a great video that won’t take forever to make or a lot of money! This is sure to provide some great banter and laughter as stags will be trying not make a fool of themselves on camera.



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