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Stag Do Paragliding

Stag Do Paragliding

Paragliding is a great adrenaline pumping stag do activity! It is a mix between skydiving and hang gliding as it uses canopies similar to a parachute that can be controlled and steered in a similar way as a hang glider.

Unlike sky diving, you will not have to be brought up high in the sky as the canopies used in paragliding can get you in the air by either running or being towed. This works as air fills into the canopy, lifting the canopy up where it is then caught by the wind lifting the paraglider into the sky. Generally this will be carried out at a location with plenty of altitude so that once lifted into the sky, the paraglider can glide over lower ground but remain at high altitude.

The paraglider is controlled by brakes and the speed bar. There are two brake lines, one for each side of the canopy. If the paraglider wants to go left they will pull the left brake and visa versa, and if they want to slow down they will pull both brakes. The speed bar is controlled using the paraglider’s feet. When pulled, the speed bar pulls on the front of the canopy reducing the ‘angle of attack’

Paragliding UK and Ireland

There are plenty of venues across the UK and Ireland providing stag do paragliding. If your stags have never been paragliding before then no need to worry as pretty much all venues offer lessons to teach you how to get in the air.



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