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Stag Do Motorsports

Motorsport activities are great for a stag do activity. All men think that they are brilliant drivers but a motorsport activity may put some of those thoughts to bed. 

Stag Do Go Karting

Go karting is one of the most popular stag do activities as it pits stags against each other on an asphalt circuit. Go karting is sport where F1 drivers make their name so who ever wins will certainly get the bragging rights as the best racer and possible the best driver as well. Go karting is very accessible with go karting providers littered over the country.

Off Road Motoring

Other motoring activities are all generally enjoyed off road such as rage buggies. Known as the off road version of go karting, rage buggies are serious machines that can achieve great speeds over rough terrain. Quad Biking is a similar activity as they are also a vehicle that was designed for driving off road. Some providers also provide off road driving which is when you drive a 4x4 like Landrover offer rough and uneven terrain.

Other Motorsport Activities

Those are main motorsport activities but their are others such as blindfold driving where the driver is blindfolded and must depend a fellow stag to direct him on how to navigate around the course. Another driving activity is Powerturn buggies which is vehicle that is controlled by have a brake and accelerator for each side of the buggy. They can be controlled by two people each having a side to control. Another unique activity is JCB driving where you get behind the… levers of a JCB to complete challenges that involve great spacial awareness and coordination.



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