Meath Stag Do Guide

County Meath is a great location for a stag do. Meath is quite unique to other counties in Ireland as it has the 9th largest population but its largest town (Navan) has only roughly 28,000 people. This differs to other counties as the largest town or city generally contributes to a large proportion of the population. In County Meath there is many small towns with 7 towns in total having more than 5,000 people in population. This means that there is plenty for a stag party to do across the whole county!

Stag Do Meath

Meath is a very interesting county with where one of the three world heritage sites in Ireland is located called Brú na Bóinne. Translated to English it means ‘Palace of the Boyne’ as it is located near the river Boyne. It is believed to be the largest and most important Megalithic sites in the whole of Europe. This stunning building (pictured above) is older than the Egyptian Pyramids and whole site is a complex of, chamber tombs, Neolithic mounds, henges and standing stones. This is must see for a Meath stag do. Also worth a visit is Trim Castle which is Ireland’s Largest Anglo-Norman Castle and is also where Braveheart was filmed. James Bond actor Pierce Bronson is from Meath and lived there until the age of 12.

Stag Do Accommodation

Meath is full of great stag do accommodation such as luxurious guesthouses, quaint Bed and Breakfasts and stylish town central hotels. Whatever type of accommodation your lads want you will be spoilt for choice! If your lads enjoy playing Golf then Meath is home to resorts that have high standard golf courses.

Stag Do Activities

County Meath is home to Fairyhouse Racecourse which hosts the Irish Grand National every year. This famous horse racing track which has a restaurant, balconies and private suites to watch all the racing action. Your lads with have no problem finding enjoyable activities in Meath such as an activity centre that provides high ropes, zip lining and other physically challenging activities. Water based activities are also available in Meath such as kayaking and adrenaline pumping white water rafting. Also in Meath is activities such as go karting, laser tag, airsoft and archery.

Stag Do Nightlife

Meath has plenty to offer stag weekends in terms of nightlife with great restaurants, traditional Irish bars and vibrant nightclubs. There are many restaurants dotted all over the county with a range of different cuisine types. As Meath has many towns, they are plenty of bars and pubs that would act as great place to start your Meath stag night off. Meath's premier nightclub is located in Navan and is spread over two floors with 6 bars, a roof garden and of course a dance floor!

If you want a nightlife experience that you will never forget head to the Wright Venue which is just across the border in County Dublin which is a massive state of the art nightlife complex.