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Golf Lesson

If your stags are complete beginners or even a bunch novices at playing golf then learn from a semi-pro with a golf lesson. Whatever level your stags are at your golfing guru will cater the lesson to the level that you are at.

If you are complete novices then the first thing you have to learn is how to grip the club correctly. Once you know that, your swing will be worked on. The swing is one of most important parts of golf as a good swing counts for a lot! Most courses have a driving range and your golf tudor would take you their so you can get plenty of practice.

Another crucial part of golf is putting as it is no good being able to get the ball on the green in a few shots if you then take too many shots trying to get it into the hole. Greens are never flat therefore your golf tudor will teach you how to use slight inclines to get the ball in the hole. They would also teach you how to judge the pace of the ball as getting the right amount of power on the ball is crucial.

If your stags are already decent at golf then your tudor can provide you with those extra few pointers to help you shave crucial shots off your round. Advanced golf lessons can improve parts of your game such as driving distance, long putting and chipping.



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