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Stag do games are a prime way to kickstart the celebrations and have all the boys laughing out loud! Stag do games can be played either in the comfort of your own home or on a night out, the choice is completely yours. Not to mention lads, they can be as sensible or as naughty as you want them to be! 

Be sure to do your hoemwork and find the right stag do games to suit all your gents, from Fuzzy Duck to Tequila Roulette, Toy Solider to Mr and Mrs! 

Toy Soldiers Stag Do Games - This game is sure to get all the gents involved and ensure they are all sharing a laugh! A simple yet effective way to get the celebrations underway!

Higher or Lower Stag Do Games - this is the perfect drinking stag game that only involves a deck of cards! You are sure to be impressed!

I Have Never Stag Do Games
- Help make the stag do celebrations all the more interesting with this super entertaining game! Expect lots of surprises!

Roxanne Stag Do Games - This is the ultimate drinking game for all types of gents! Drink your favourite beverage as you dance along to the popular Police song!

Tequila Roulette Stag Do Games
- This game is sure to get the party going and is the perfect game to play beofre hitting the town or in the nightclub!

Five Stag Do Games - This hilarious game involves daring and humorous forfeits! You are sure to be in floods of tears with this one!

Kings Cup Stag Do Games - For a game that will have all the boys in the stag party mood, this one ticks all the boxes! You are sure to be in for a treat!

Candyman Stag Do Games - For the men with a sweet tooth, this game is sure to please! Not to mention, this game involves sweet women also!

Bullshit Stag Do Games - For this game you will need a good poker face, good intuition and a round of drinks, it is definitely worth it!

Beer Pong Stag Do Games - For an oldschool classic, this game is a safe bet! A simple yet effective way to kickstart the day!

Mr and Mrs Stag Do Games - Let's see how well the Groom-to-be knows the love of this life with a series of funny and random questions! It is sure to please!

Sychronise Watch Stag Do Games
- This is a simple but amusing game that should be played at every stag party! This game can be played by itself or as a drinking game, the choice is yours!

Busta Rhymes Stag Do Games - Get the lads in high spirits with this game! You will need fast reactions and a good imagination in order to succeed!

Celebrity Chug Stag Do Games - This is a quick thinking game that involves the boys to be on top of their game to ensure they are not the loser! Check it out!

Don't Say A Word Stag Do Games - This is a challenging but highly entertaining game! Your boys won't be able to contain their laughter!

Pub Golf Stag Do Games
- Perfect for the gold lovers of course! Have all the lads mingling and enjoying the craic with this ultimate stag game!

Fuzzy Duck Stag Do Games - This game can be played just about anywhere at the stag celebrations and is sure to have the boys in top form!

Thumbmaster Stag Do Games - This game is guaranteed to have all the lads in floods of tears, it is for sure a real crowd pleaser!

Who Am I Stag Do Games - Get your thinking hats on with this super fun game, it is sure to kickstart the celebrations!

T-Shirt Checklist Stag Do Games
- Make your stag do celebrations a night to remember with this hilarious game, it is a real tear-jerker!

Who's That Girl Stag Do Games - Find out who is the real lady's man of the stag group with this humorous and cheeky game!

Three Man Stag Do Games - this fun strategic game is sure to have all the stags on the edge of their seats, it is sure to please!