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Stag Do Football Final Ideas


The only thing that beats the thrill of going to watch your favourite football team win, is going to watch them win in a final and picking up a precious piece of silverware! So you can imagine how fun and passionate having a football final stag do would be! Whether it is local football, european football or gaelic football, you lads will be in for a real treat by getting tickets to your chosen football match on your stag weekend! Here we reveal the top stag do football final ideas for your group to choose before your best mate ties the knot!

League Cup Final

The League Cup is an English football cup competition that involves all 20 Premier League and 72 Football League clubs. To many this competition is seen as the ideal opportunity for a premier league team to give their younger players a run in the first game, whereas to a lot of lower league clubs this is the chance to meet one of the biggest clubs in England and try to cause an upset. So if your team makes the League Cup final and you have a stag do around that time, get your group some tickets and you have the chance to see the future stars of your football team trying to prove their worth or see some lower league stars putting their wits against the top teams in England! So get your tickets for Wembley and have a League Cup Final stag do, and you are sure to have a great day out!

FA Cup Final

The FA Cup Final is historically the biggest day of the English football calendar. The FA Cup gives all the teams in the English leagues, lower leagues included, the chance to prove their worth against some of the best players in the world! Just imagine, Manchester United playing against a non-league team that has every day people, with normal jobs playing against them! The FA Cup Final generally takes part in late May of every year in Wembley Stadium, London. So if you lads are having a London stag do in May, get yourselves some tickets to the final and you will get to witness a passionate atmosphere that only English football can generate!

Champions League Final

The European Champions League is the pinnacle of European club football with the best teams from all around Europe competing in it! The beauty about having a Champions League Final stag do is that it can take place anywhere throughout Europe with finals taking part in Milan, London, Moscow, Lisbon and Paris to name but a few! Taking part at the end of May or early June every year, you guys should check out the final location and book your stag do for that location as there will be an international festival atmosphere that is second to none. Get your group Champions League Final tickets and you are guaranteed an exhibition of football from the worlds best on your stag do!

World Cup / European Cup Finals

These 2 finals are the top International football competitions. Each competition is on every 4 years, and rotating every 2 years, e.g, World Cup 2014 and Euro 2016. This is a fantastic opportunity for your group to have a foreign stag do and follow your country around with pride as they play against some of the top footballing nations in the world! International football brings a sense of passion and patriotism that is very rare and you lads can soak it all up while enjoying a few beers in countries throughout the world! So get your tickets sorted and follow your nation on your stag do abroad and you are guaranteed to have an unforgettable experience!

All-Ireland Final

The All-Ireland final is the top competition in Gaelic football and takes part in Croke Park, Dublin in September of every year. All 32 counties in Ireland, plus New York and London, take part in this knockout competition and the 2 teams left standing compete for the Sam Maguire Cup. If you lads are looking for Ireland stag do ideas, then this could well be the top option for your group with it generating a passionate atmosphere that can only come from supporters of Gaelic football who are following their home county as they attempt to become the best in Ireland. So if you are having a Dublin stag party in September, you are sure to find the pubs full of craic and the drinks flowing freely on All-Ireland weekend!

So there you have it lads, some of the top stag do football final ideas that are sure have a cracking atmosphere and will create an unforgettable stag weekend full of fun and passion!

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