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Stag Do Food and Drink

If your stags are big foodies then why not enjoy a stag do activity that involves food and drink. Although food and drink is a necessity for survival, over the years it has been turned into an art. 

We all know alcohol will be consumed on your stag do but most stags would not expect to be consuming it on the stag do activity. Thats because tasting activities are becoming increasingly popular and what would you be tasting? Alcohol of course! More specifically the three types of alcohol that are renown for tasting are Wine, Beer and Whiskey.

Stag Do Wine Tasting

Wine tasting is very popular and loads of wine tasting courses are available. Not only can Wine tasting be a way of getting the party started if you know what I mean, it can also be a really fun activity that is challenging as a sensitive palette is needed to detect the different between different wines.

Stag Do Whiskey Tasting

Whiskey tasting is another great stag do activity. With a large variety of whiskeys available from a wide range of countries. You might think whiskey is whiskey and they all taste the same, you would be wrong! With different brewing techniques and ingredient combinations as well as additional flavourings, no two whiskeys are the same!

Stag Do Beer Tasting

Some say beer is a mans best friend so why not enjoy beer tasting for your stag do. More and more people are installing brewing equipment into their garden shed so they can brew their own beer. These type of small brewers are called micro brewers and have becoming increasingly popular and the concept of craft brewing has been born out of it.

Generally when going beer tasting, your provider will supply a large range of craft beers, lagers and ales that you probably will never heard of. A lot of providers also like to keep the beers as local to your stag do location as possible meaning not only will you see and feel your stag do location but you also taste it. When going beer tasting you won’t be having pint after pint but a small glass of each beer.

Stag Do Afternoon Tea

If your stags are having an action packed day of activities, then some afternoon tea might go down well with your stags. Although it sounds like something off Downton Abbey, afternoon tea is simply savoury cold food, cakes, desserts and of course tea. Afternoon tea is provided by coffee shops and hotels.



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