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Eating Out

Stag Do Eating Out

Theres no doubt that your lads will get hungry over the course of the stag party! With loads of different food outlets in stag do locations there is plenty of choice.

Stag Night Restaurant

You can’t go wrong with a good restaurant for your stag night meal! If your lads have super appetites then an all you can eat restaurant may be the place for you, just pay when you come in and pick what ever you want from their buffet. Perhaps your stags will want to go to a traditional restaurant. There is a huge variety with these restaurants in terms of menu’s, ambiance and quality.

Fine Dining

If your lads want a luxurious and quaint dining experience then enjoy fine dining for your stag night meal. To fully immerse yourself’s in the fine dining experience ensure your lads are dressed up in smart attire.

Bar Food

Keep it simple with Bar Food or Pub Grub on your stag night. Bring your stags to a bar or pub and enjoy your pre drinks with some simple but great tasting food. Although bar food is generally cheaper than restaurants, the quality could be even better as the focus is solely on the food and not the presentation you see at high end restaurants.


If your lads love a good pizza then enjoy your stag night meal in an Italian Restaurant. The pizza at most authentic Italian Restaurants is better then you have ever tasted, the base is soft with a crispy crust, sweet tomato sauce and sumptuous cheese on top and thats before the toppings! They also are experts in pasta dishes and gelato!


Indian Restaurants are a popular eating out venue for stag parties as they give the opportunity for lads to prove their manhood by trying one of the spiciest curries on the menu! Those stags who want to go for a spicy dish may go for a madras or vindaloo whereas the stags who can’t handle the heat will likely opt for a Korma.


Oriental is another type of cuisine popular among stag parties. The most common oriental restaurants are Chinese and Thai restaurants. These cuisines tend to be very noodle orientated and have spicy dishes. Another oriental cuisine are Sushi restaurants which serve up raw fish with rice and various vegetables and hails from Japan.



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