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Stag do dares are a great way to kickstart the celebrations and get all the lads laughing out loud! Dares are also a smart way to break the ice and get all the boys mingling! With stag do dares comes a huge selection to choose from! From drinking stag do dares to naughty stag do dares, there is something to suit all the gents!

Drinking Stag Do Dares

Drinking stag do dares, need we say anymore lads? Rather than downing pints and who can drink the fastest, these stag do dares are super entertaining and are sure to get everyone in the party spirit! Be sure to try out The Boat Race and A Fire Shot, they are highly humourous and sure to have everyone getting involved! There are the perfect dares to play at home, on a night out or in the town, the choice is completely yours! 

Food Stag Do Dares

These stag do dares are perfect for the foodie lovers and are sure to get the stag night going! Food stag do dares can be played with almost any item of food and ideal for large stag groups! From chilli eating competitions to fastest eating time, food stag do dares sure do bring the fun factor! Find the right dare for your gents, they are sure to love it! Be sure to check out Hot Stuff and Cream Crackers, we promise they will impress!

Naughty Stag Do Dares

Naughty stag do dares are the ultimate choice for those boisterous boys, there will not be a dull moment the whole weekend! From kissing strangers to collecting cheeky belongings, the boys are sure to be in their element! For a laugh check out The Laundry Men! What happens on the stag do, stays at the stag do!

Group Stag Do Dares

Group stag do dares are ideal for both friends old and new and a great way to get all the lads mingling! These stag do dares can be used for both small and large stag groups! From Name Calling to Holding Hands, these stag do games are sure to be in the hot topic of many conversations in years to come! Be sure to check them out!

Physical Stag Do Dares

Let's see how tough your men really are! This game is both entertaining and humorous for the fit and the not so fit! Physical stag do dares include Macho Man and Kinda Salty to name but a few and are guaranteed to go down a roaring success!