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Learn To Stag Do Ideas

Learn a new skill on your stag do. Take lessons for activities like Fishing, Flying, Golf or learn and improve your skills with a cocktail making class or cooking class!

Stag Do Cocktail Making Class

A cocktail making class is a really fun activity and yours may take away some useful knowledge in the art of mixology! Many hotels and nightlife venues provide cocktail making classes so you will not have to look too hard to find a class. All providers are different therefore your lads may be making classics such as a Cosmopolitan or Mojito, or perhaps your mixologist will teach your lads how to make their speciality.

Stag Do Cooking Class

If your other half has every complained about your cooking abilities or the lack of them well hear is your chance to get one over on them. With a stag do cooking class, you will not only have had a great time but you will also be a dab hand it the kitchen! Learn to make great meals and improve your cooking techniques!

Stag Do Golf Lessons

If your lads aren't to handy with a golf club but enjoy the sport then some stag do golf lessons may be in order! With golf courses dotted throughout the country, their should be one near you with an advanced golf coach to get your stags from making divots to making birdies!

Stag Do Fishing Lessons

Fishing may seem like a pretty straight forward hobby but it can be complicated as their are so many varying fish, water, tackle, bait and techniques - a lot to take in! Therefore with the help of an experienced angler your lads can go from catching colds to catching massive pikes!