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Stag Do "Learn To" Classes

Why not learn something for your stag? There are loads of providers that offer range of classes for learning skills and abilities. One class that has become very popular in the last few years is cocktail classes as people want to be able to make quality cocktails at home that they can get in the stylish cocktail bars. 

Stag Do Cocktail Making Classes

As mentioned, cocktail making is popular! Most providers of cocktail classes are nightlife venues and hotels as they have all the ingredients and facilities needed to produce a great cocktail making experience. All providers are different and offer different experiences. But generally providers will supply one of their senior bartenders to guide you through making the classics such as a cosmopolitan and mojito.

A lot of providers will also let your stags choose a cocktail to make from the venues list of cocktails. This gives stags the chance to be adventurous with the type of cocktail that they want to make! A cocktail making class will usually finish with all the stags enjoying their creations and trying others to see who is an expert mixologist.

Stag Do Cooking Classes

If the groom-to-be is as useful as a butter knife in gun fight in the kitchen then why not have cookery class for your stag do activity. The bride-to-be will impressed if her man comes home and is able to serve her up a proper meal! And for the single stags, they could pick up some useful tips for wooing girls in the future! Cooking classes come in all different formats from making a full three course meal to making or baking simple snacks.

Stag Do Fishing Lesson

Fishing was once an essential skill for survival but has now turned into one of the most popular past times in the world. On a fishing lesson you will talked through all the equipment and the importance of it. You will also be taught how to use the equipment. One of the most important things you might learn is how to be patience as it can take some time for you to get a bite. Once you do your instructor may be on hand to help you reel your catch in!

Stag Do Flying Lesson

If your stags want to soar the skies and learn to fly a plane then a flying lesson is the ideal stag do activity. One by one your stags would be taken up in a light aircraft where they would take them helm with the instructor keeping them on the straight and narrow for the whole lesson. If your stags have already some flying experience then the instructor may let them take off and land the plane.

Stag Do Golf Lesson

Golf is a great social sport as the intensity is low but the skill needed is high. If your a complete beginner and can barely hit a ball then a golf lesson will profess you on a lot quicker! Once your stags have had a golf lesson you could then hit one of the many golf courses across the UK and Ireland.

Stag Do Nude Drawing

Nude Drawing may a appear to be a naughty stag do activity but nude drawing is very cultured activity that requires artistic flare and good hand-to-eye coordination. Nude drawing providers will supply everything needed for nude drawing inclining easels, canvas, drawing materials and of course the nude model. Just a little tip, if your booking nude drawing ensure that the model is female!  



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