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Stag Do Card Game Ideas


To get the celebrations well underway, playing stag do games can get everyone in the spirit! Your group are guaranteed lots of laughs when you play stag do card games especially when they involve drinking. Playing card games are extremely easy and can be played in lots of locations such as the hotel room, airplane, bus or in the bar! Here we reveal some of the best stag do ideas involving card games.

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Higher or Lower

Higher or lower card game

If your group are looking for a quick and simple stag do game then Higher or Lower is the perfect choice. One person is the dealer and everyone takes it in turn to choose whether the next card being dealt is going to be higher or lower than the last. If you choose wrong, you must drink 2 fingers of your drink and if you are right the game goes on to the next person and you don’t have to do the forfeit. This is definitely the easiest stag do card game idea!


Bullshit Card Game

This hilarious stag do game will test how well your group of lads can keep a straight face when under pressure. All the cards are dealt out between everyone in the group and the first person with no cards left is the winner. You get rid of your cards by placing them face down in a pile in the middle of the table when it is your turn. The cards are placed down in order, so the first person to go must put down an Ace, the second person a 2 and so on. If you do not have the card that you are meant to put down, you must “Bullshit” and pretend that you have that card or a number of them cards. If someone calls bullshit on you when you are telling lies, you must pick up the entire deck and take a drink. If you were not bullshitting, the person who called you out must pick up the entire deck and take a drink!

Indian Poker

Indian Poker

This extremely easy to play and fun stag do game is a great way to top up just before the stag night adventures! Each person is dealt a card face down which they must stick to their head. Each stag can see everyone else’s card but not their own. The goal of the game is to have the highest card. Each stag will get to decide whether they want to play or fold depending on what cards they see that everyone else has. The person to the left of the dealer will go first.

The person with the highest card wins and has no forfeit.
Any player who folded and had a lower card than the winner, drinks for 2 seconds.
Any player who folded and had a higher card than the winner, drinks the value of their card.

Anyone who didn’t fold but still lost, drinks the difference between their card and the winners.’

Kings Cup

Kings Cup

Often seen as the ultimate drinking card game, Kings Cup is a great game to play while having pre drinks. What is needed for this game is a deck of cards, a pint glass and everyone needs their own drink. If you make a gap between two cards, you take a drink and each card has its very own rule. 

Ace - “Waterfall”. This starts with everyone drinking. Then the person who picked the card can stop whenever he wants. This allows the next person to stop when he wants and so on and so on.

2 – “You”. This means that whoever picks the 2 card gets to choose anybody they want in this stag do game to drink.

3 - “Me”. Whoever picks a 3, has to drink themselves.

4 – “Floor”. When a 4 is picked from the deck, everyone must touch the floor and the last man to do so must drink.

5 – “Jive”. The person who picks the card has to do a dance move. Then the next person has to do that dance move and add to it. This continues until someone messes up and has to drink. This card is a guaranteed laugh in this stag do game!

6 – “Dicks”. All of you lads have to take a drink!

7 – “Heaven”. Everyone must raise their arm to the sky and the last to do so must drink!

8 – “Pick a Mate”. The guy who picks the 8 card, must pick a mate who has to drink any time that he does for the remainder of the stag do game!

9 – “Bust a Rhyme”. The simple version has the player who picked the card say a word and everybody has to say a word that rhymes with it. Say for example the word is bite. Other players would say fight, kite, tight, right, etc. This goes on until somebody cannot think of a word that rhymes. To make things more complicated, you guys can make a rule to rhyme a full sentence instead of just a single word!

10 – “Categories”. The person who picks this card chooses a category. The categories can be anything from types of beer to famous footballers! The stag who can’t think of anything in the category, has to drink!

J – “Make a Rule”. The person who pulls out a Jack has to make a rule for the stag group. This rule can be anything such as you can only drink with your left hand or that you aren’t allowed to use people’s names when talking to them. Anyone who breaks the rule, must drink!

Q – “Quizmeister”. The person who pulls this card is the Quizmeister. Whenever they ask anyone a question, they must not be answered. Anyone who forgets and answers his question, they must take a drink!

K – “Pour”. Whenever a king is picked, the person who picks it must pour some of their drink into the glass in the middle. This happens every time a king is picked and whichever unlucky lad picks the last king has to chug the mixture of drink in the glass in the middle! The stag do game is finished when the last king is picked.

These card games are fantastic stag do ideas and we hope that you enjoy playing them on the stag weekend to get everyone in the party spirit!

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Image Credits: Fundreds | Jeannie Jeannie | Kevin Mullaney | Wikipedia

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