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Spring and Summer Bridesmaid Dresses

Ah spring, the season of love! The evenings stretch a little longer (yes, there’s a fine stretch in the evenings!) and everything feels reborn again. And, it’s a good excuse to wear pretty pastels and florals again, not that we're complaining!
Finding a bridesmaid look for your bridal party is definitely an easier quest once February rolls around again. For one, it’s simply easier to find the colours and styles you’re looking for (if your wedding colours are in a summer palette).
If you’re on the hunt for a bridal party dress this season, here are some spring/summer bridesmaid dress tips and ideas to consider.


Bridesmaids MUST Be Comfortable

This is the first and foremost objective for your bridal party. We recently read a quote from Tom Ford mentioning that you should never wear something unless you are comfortable in it. We couldn’t agree more. While you may have your own standard of what looks good – your bridal party may not agree. If they’re not into fake tan or a certain dress cut, try not to persuade them into it. Instead, compromise and make them feel special too. Since mix and match dresses are so popular these days, there is no reason why you can’t find something to suit everyone.

Multi-Wear Bridesmaid Dress

Which brings us to…. The multi-wear dress! This dress is literally the best thing ever. Most bridal boutiques have a wide range of materials and colours to order – so you can work in a palette and still keep a theme! Plus, since there are a million ways to wear these dresses, none of your bridal party will feel out of place. Everyone is the same, but different! Amity Boutique in Cork city is just one store that stocks these beauts.

Consider Various Colours of Bridesmaids Dresses

If you do decide to go mix and match (but not with a multi-wear dress), give your girls plenty of options to choose from. Mix and match may mean differently to everyone. If you say your colour is blue and ask your ladies to find a dress – you could end up with colours ranging from baby blue to navy! Mix and match dresses work best with they have at least one thing that ties them together. Either a colour, fabric or style. Most high street stores will come out seasonal themed looks that will actually already go together well.

Design a Secret Board on Pinterest

If you want to suggest looks to your ladies but you don’t want other’s to see them, consider a secret board on Pinterest. Add the looks that you want your ladies to consider with links to the websites they can buy them on. Your bridesmaids can comment on each one and mention if they are ordering one – Simples!


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