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Shout One Out! Hen Party Game

Why Play?

Shout One Out! Hen Party Game originally was made famous on the UK TV show Celebrity Juice, and is a perfect hen party game that will leave your friends in hysterics! the game is super easy to set up and is particularly hilarious when alcohol is involved!

What You’ll Need
  • 1 pair of headphones, noise cancelling if possible
  • Music playing device e.g Mobile, tablet, Ipod, Walkman (for elderly party goers)
  • The loudest music you can think of, and the volume turned up (the better sound cancelling quality of the headphones, the less the volume has to be increased)

How to Play

  • When you have everything together, begin with a member of the group clearly articulating a sentence (of any nature) to the person wearing the headphones.
  • That person—whilst still keeping the headphones on with the music blaring, will attempt to repeat the first person’s statement. Undoubtedly, their response will be way out of left field which will provoke raucous laughter from the watching members off the group!
  • You must keep going until you either get the statement correct or give up! After this has been ascertained, have the reader of the last statement don the headphones and try it for themselves!

Top Tips
If the competitor chooses to forfeit the challenge after failing to guess the statement, why not punish that competitor with drinking rules?! Make the unfortunate group member down their drink or take a shot!

Extra Tips
  • The more sets of headphones the group has access to the better!
  • If you have access to three or four sets of headphones, have the reader of the statement address only the first person in the group (the rest are blindfolded!). Remember! For this version of the game to work, do not tell the first person wearing headphones if their answer is right or wrong—instead, let a game similar to Chinese whispers ensue!
  • The blindfold will be removed from the next participant, and the first participant will give their version of the statement to the next person whilst still wearing the headphones!
  • Once the last participant has attempted the answer, the other members of the group will fight back their laughter and inform the participants on where it all went wrong!

Shout One Out is a group activity that whilst getting all members involved, does not encourage competition and thus leaves everyone in good spirits! Play Shout it out during your Hen party to induce uncontrollable laughter and a jovial party atmosphere!

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