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Should Your Hen Or Stag Last One or Two Nights?


This age old debate on whether to have a “night” or a “weekend” for a hen or stag comes entirely down to the manner of the party you wish to have. That being said, we at HenorStag.com want to illuminate the deciding factors in whether to opt for a night or a weekend, outlining the pros and cons to both decisions. This will mean that you—as an organiser, can gauge what duration suits your hen/stag party the best.

Understanding Your Friends


Firstly, you must determine what kind of party your hens/stags are hoping and expecting for. Ask yourself ‘are they party mad?’ Or ‘do they prefer the finer things in life?’ Once you reach a consensus, planning whether to have a night or a weekend becomes much easier.

One Night - Pros & Cons


Not to be a negative Nancy—but the drawbacks to choosing a single night for a hen/stag are obvious. The glaring truth of choosing a single night is that travelling is out of the question. Not only this, but If your mates do prefer the finer things, a single night might not be able to cut the mustard—as it may come across as an anti-climax. Remember, your mates are hauling ass out to whatever destination you have specified for your hen or stag, so they’ll be expecting fireworks.

However, satisfying party animals with a single night is much easier. Firstly, it almost goes without saying it is certainly cheaper for one night. Opting for a hen or stag night usually involves a nightlife destination within the locale, meaning that you can take a bus to and from from the venue. Even if you rent a hummer limo for the night, the cost is very affordable in comparison to the price needed to stay in hotels.

Costs aside, there are a number of other positives to taking out on the bride-to-be’s night-out.

Choosing one night can be a great relief to organisers, as you will be given less of a headache trying to keep everyone in check. This will give you a chance to relax and little more and let loose with the rest of the party, as any carnage caused will envelop over a single evening, so what’s the worst that could happen? Lastly, it’ll be a comfort to everyone that they can sleep in their own beds when it’s all said and done!

What’s more, you can cram your day with action packed activities to make the party memorable, including, watersports, shooting and racing!

Weekend Affair - Pros & Cons


As previously mentioned, it is unlikely that all your friends will fit into the category of ‘party animal’ or ‘chillin villain’. That being said, they only way to keep everyone happy is to make your hen/stag a weekend getaway.

As this is the most likely eventuality, organisers will normally look to appease both extremes with a day of madness, followed by a day of relaxation. An exciting day activity coupled with great nightlife will appease the party goers, where as the following day could involve spa and relaxation treatments for the group to recoup.

Not only this, but the two day format in this sense can be advantages to the less party-orientated members of the group—as a second day of activities may prevent everyone from overdoing it on the first night. To ensure this, strategically booking an assault course for the second day might just be the incentive for your pals to take it easy. Then again, some party animals won’t be denied!

Another positive from choosing a weekend excursion means that you can plan that trip to Europe that you’ve always wanted. A huge incentive for going down this route is that some of the most popular hen and stag destination in Europe are surprisingly cheap! I’m talking the likes of Prague, Budapest and Riga here—as other European destinations may prove to be even more expensive than having a hen/stag at home!

Factoring flights and hotels into the equation however, this weekend can prove to be very costly. These are largely unavoidable circumstances, however—shrewd planning can go a long way to to minimising these costs. Group everyone into rooms to spread the cost among more people, as well as booking well in advance to get the best price.

Provided you weigh up the pros and cons from both a single night and a weekend standpoint, there is absolutely no reason why everyone in your party will remember your hen or stag as an unforgettable experience!

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