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Should You Invite Dad on the Stag Do?


Choosing who to invite on the stag do can be a difficult process as you don’t want to make anyone feel left out but you also don’t want to be inviting too many people. One of the big decisions that need to be made is whether to invite the dad of the groom and the dad of the bride on the stag weekend. There are a number of reasons as to why you may be thinking it best not to ask him such as some of the naughty activities that your group might be getting up to that he may not approve of. But there are also many reasons to invite him as it is a great opportunity to bond and have a bit of fun with your old man! Here we reveal some of the reasons to invite and to not invite the father and father-in-law on the stag.

Reasons NOT to ask Dad


- He may find out some stories about you from your mates after they have had a few drinks that no Dad should ever hear about!
- He may tell your mates embarrassing stories that they didn’t know.
- Dad may not approve of some naughty activities (strippers)!
- Depending on age, he may not be able to do the stag do activity or keep up with all the drinking.
- The Father-in-Law’s presence may make the stag feel awkward and unable to relax and enjoy himself.

Reasons to ask Dad


- It’s a chance for some precious father-son bonding.
- Dad will definitely splash the cash on some beers!
- There might actually be someone sensible on the stag weekend to look after others.
- He most likely really wants to come and not inviting him could be heartbreaking.
- Inviting Dad will get him out of the house and having fun for the weekend!
- Perfect chance to get to know more about the father-in-law and make him feel like he is well thought off.

Having revealed some of the pros and cons with inviting the father and father-in-law on the stag, we hope this helps you make your decision. Of course, every stag group is different and it all comes down to the stags personality and also the personality of the father and father-in-law!

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