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Pub Golf Stag Do Game

Pub Golf Stag Party Game

The fun game of Pub Golf merges some of the basic rules of golf with the drinking festivities that usually takes place on the day of a stag party. It creates a bit of entertaining competition between your stags as each one tries to achieve the lowest score under par by the end of the game. It can be as short or as long as your stag do lads decide but be warned, if you are attempting the 18 hole version, you’d better have strong stomachs!

How To Play

The aim of the game is to choose in advance nine or eighteen pubs in the town or city where your stag lads are celebrating for the night. Each pub represents a golf hole. The last pub is usually called the Club House. Each pub (hole) has a par ranging from 1 to 5 and it’s up to the stags how well they can score at each hole!


1) Each member of the stag party group must carry a marking sheet with them to keep track of their progress. Below is an example of a marking sheet.

2) The par number of each type of alcoholic drink and the number of mouthfuls it’s to be finished in is in brackets beside each pub name. Par 1 = Shot to be taken in one mouthful, Par 2 = Glass of red/ white/ rose wine to be taken in two mouthfuls, Par 3 = Bottle of beer/ cider to be finished in three mouthfuls, Par 4 = Pint of beer/cider to be finished in four mouthfuls and Par 5 = Jaegar Bomb or similar to be finished in five mouthfuls.

3) The best way to keep this stag game fun is to keep the drinks varied and it would be a good idea to introduce some hydrating drinks like a pint of water or orange juice in the later stages to keep your stags going. If some of the stag party group are feeling extremely competitive, they can go for a Birdie (-1) or an Eagle (-2) to get lower points.

4) Of course, after a few holes (pubs) these rules might be harder for your stag party lads to obey but there will be consequences! Penalty examples might be + 1 for spilling any drink, + 1 for falling down, + 2 for skipping a hole when the going gets tough and +3 for throwing up.

5) This is intended to be a game of fun and entertainment on your stag do night but know when yourself or your fellow stags need to give up the game if things get too messy. Perhaps start off with a six hole game and if that goes well then you boys can battle on through the rest of the pubs, have fun!


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