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Pub Golf Stag Do Theme

What You'll Need

  • Tartan Trousers
  • Scottish Tartan Caps With Ginger Hair
  • Dodgy Patterned Sweater
  • Cream or Bright Coloured Trousers
  • Polo Shirt
  • Baseball Cap

Get The Pub Golf Look

For a sexy look that will appeal to the ladies, get your stags to suit up with a neutral pair of cream or tan trousers matched with a polo shirt or patterned sleeveless jumper. Finish off with a pair of golf shoes or runners and a golf cap. For an outrageously funny look, let your lads loose with bright pattern jumpers and accessories. Perhaps some ‘short’ shorts matched up with a geeky tartan tank top! Bring a golf buggy filled with golf clubs to complete the outfit. Your stags will be crying with laughter when they see each other in this attire!

Stag Day Activity

Get your stag party lads dressed up in their golfing gear and spend an afternoon out on the golf course to practice their all important 'swing'. Afterwards, make the preparations for the popular stag drinking game called ‘Pub golf’. Your stags will be in the perfect mood when they’re dressed up and ready to trawl around the nine or eighteen holes/ pubs to celebrate the stag night in style!


Get your stags inspired with the pub golf theme by gathering them to watch the DVD of ‘Happy Gilmore’ starring Adam Sandler as an unlikely golfing prodigy! It’s the perfect opportunity for picking up some tips on how to look like a ‘golfing’ man. Or get your stag do lads to look up photos of the famous actor, Morgan Freeman when he’s dressed up to play a game of golf in his free time. He always seems to get the perfect professional look; maybe your stags can achieve the same!

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