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Pole Dancing

Thinking about starting pole fitness, or having a pole dancing party? Ciara has got those thoughts all sorted. From pole fitness clothing to pole dancing studios - you've got to read it! Get the shorts on girls and have a pole dancing hen party!

Pole Dancing and Pole Fitness

In keeping with the theme of getting fit for the New Year why not try pole fitness? Pole dancing hen parties are a great girly activity for all ages. If it's not fitness your after but a fun ultimate girly night out what better way to start of the evening!!

Looking the part

Like everything else us girls do we need to look the part so here are some ideas to get you feeling fit and sexy. The best clothing to wear for Pole Fitness is shorts and a shoe string vest. You need your skin to grip the pole therefore any material on your legs will make you slip, although you can wear whatever you are comfortable in of course. A pair of high heels will also give you better posture but you can wear trainers to begin with if you are totally new to it.

Below- Mika Betty Shorts Black £25.99 available from polemotion.com. Adidas Dance Cropped T-shirt £26 available from JD Sports. Black chunky caged heels £24.99 available from New look. Adidas Dance Cropped T-shirt £26 available fromOf course if you are thinking getting vest tops or t-shirts printed for your party, these could be worn during the class

Pole dancing near you

Polercise is located in Belfast, Derry, Dundalk and Letterkenny
Polercise also offer burlesque, cheerleading and Zumba classes if pole fitness is not your thing or you just want to try something different. Click here for more information on their offers.

Hen Party Idea


Pole Fitness might not be everyone’s cup of tea or the idea of it might push some people way outside their comfort zone but if you love to dance and keep fit this is a fun great way to do both while gaining confidence in the presence of your closest friends and a trained expert. Let your hair down and let them teach you how to sizzle and spin around the pole.

Hope you enjoyed this week’s blog ladies!

Until next week...

Have a great weekend.

Ciara x


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