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Physical Stag Do Dares


So if your Stag sees himself as bit of a macho man this is a great one to take him down a peg or two. On the other hand if he isnt macho at will be equally as funny.


1. Every single licensed premises which your Stag party enters throughout the weekend, whether it be a restaurant, bar or night club the Stag needs to get down and do thirty press ups.

2. If the Stag fails to do them all in one go then a punishment raw vodka shot it is.

3. For the Stags who may find thirty press ups a doddle, they must do them with a pint glass 2/3s full resting on their back. If it spills ... then once again it’s raw vodka time!


Seeing as this will be your Stags last night of freedom, and his last night out as a single man together with all of his nearest and dearest mates, things may get a tad emmotional. So why not ensure that your Stag shows some love for his lads in an intimate act that you can all share forever.


1. The Stag must lick an arm pit of each and every lad joining in on the celebration of his stag.

2. For every arm pit that is not licked then there must be a brutal penalty enforced, whether it be a nasty shot, 50 press ups or a 100 yard naked streak. You decide!

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