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Non Drinking Stag Do Games


Not all stag do games involve downing drinks and getting as drunk as you can like King’s Cup and Shot Roulette. There are a number of fun non drinking stag do games out there that will get everyone in the group laughing and having a good time. Non drinking stag do games are great for groups of lads who are on relaxing stag weekend no matter how old or young. Here we reveal the best booze free stag do ideas that your group can try out on the stag weekend.

Toy Soldiers


Everyone owned a collection of toy soldiers in their childhood just like the little green soldiers in the Toy Story movies. With this non drinking stag do game your group will get re-enact the poses of their childhood toys with hilarious results! What is needed for this game is a bag of toy soldiers. Each member of the stag party has to pull out a toy soldier from the bag and whatever pose that toy soldier is pulling, that is now that persons pose for the stag night.

At any moment throughout the stag night, the best man can shout “ASSUME YOUR POSITIONS!” When you hear this, you must assume your toy soldier pose and freeze in the position! This non drinking stag do game will have everyone in view of the poses in stitches of laughter as you see a group of grown men pulling soldier poses on a night out! Toy Soldiers stag do game is certainly a game that will have great fun playing!

Mr and Mrs Stag Do Game


Mr and Mrs stag do game is a classic game that will test the groom-to-be’s knowledge about his future wife. This can be played as a non drinking stag do game when you replace the drinking forfeits with other dares or forfeits such as making the stag ring his parents and tell them he loves them whenever he gets a question wrong about his wifey-to-be! Below is a list of potential Mr and Mrs questions that the stag could be asked:

1. What date is her birthday?
2. Where was your first kiss?
3. When did you first speak?
4. What is her favourite colour?
5. What would she say is your worst habit?
6. What’s her favourite food?
7. Who is her celebrity crush?
8. What 3 words would she describe you with?
9. Your house is on fire, what item would she grab?
10. What’s her favourite body part of yours?

Cream Crackered


If your searching for hilarious non drinking stag do games that involves testing your eating ability, then Cream Crackered is the perfect game for you guys! The idea of the game is to see who can eat 6 cream crackers in the shortest time without having a drink. Although this may sound easy, we can assure you that it is not. Below is a list of rules you must follow when playing Cream Crackered Stag Do Game:

1. Every single member of the stag party must compete.
2. Choose a referee to make sure that nobody is cheating.
3. One hand must be placed behind your back at all times.
4. Strictly NO drinks of any kind are allowed!
5. All 6 cream crackers must be eaten with no crumbs left over.
6. First person finished wins.
7. Take things up a notch and play for money or make the person who comes last do a stag do forfeit.



If you guys are searching for a fun and easy to play card game on the stag weekend then you should play Bullshit! The aim of this non drinking stag do game is to be the first person to get rid of all your cards. To do so, you will have to tell a few lies and it is up to the rest of the stag group to call bullshit on your lies. Below is a full list of rules on how to play Bullshit stag do game:

1. All the cards are dealt out between everyone.
2. Everyone takes it in turn to drop cards face down in a pile.
3. The first person to go must drop an Ace, 2nd is a 2, 3rd is a 3 and so on..
4. If you have a multiple amount of the same card, you can drop them all but you must call the amount, e.g, 3 Aces.
5. If you have none of the cards you are meant to put down, you must bullshit and pretend that you do and put down a random card.
6. If someone calls bullshit on you, you must pick up the entire pile.
7. If someone calls bullshit on you but you were telling the truth, they must pick up the pile.
8. The first person with no cards wins.

Texas Hold ‘Em


Texas Hold ‘Em Poker is one of the most famous card games in the world and it is a great stag do idea. To play Texas Hold ‘Em a set of poker chips and a deck of cards are needed and to make the game really interesting it is best to play for a certain amount of money. This classic card game will be a great way to see who has the best poker face in the group and the person with the most chips at the end wins the money. Texas Hold ‘Em is a the perfect non drinking stag do game for those who like to do a spot of gambling!

T-Shirt Checklist


For a real good laugh at the stags expense, get a t-shirt checklist created with a list of fun and cringe-worthy ideas and dares that the groom-to-be must complete on the stag night. Non drinking stag do games such as this one takes a little bit of preparation as the t-shirt will need to designed in advance but it will be well worth it when you see everyone staring at the stag on the big night and him having to complete the tasks! Below is a list of ideas and dares that can be used on the t-shirt checklist stag do game:

1. Sing Karaoke
2. Order food speaking in a foreign accent
3. Prank the in-laws
4. Do a dance in front of random people
5. Ring your mum/dad and tell them you love them
6. Text your boss asking for a raise
7. Ask a random girl for her number

If your stag party has a number of non drinkers, you can now see that there is still plenty of fun games that can be played that will get the celebrations underway. Non drinking stag do games are sure to impress everyone in your group!

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