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Nautical Stag Do Theme

What You'll Need

  • Naval Captain's Coat
  • Navy Hat
  • Tie
  • Sailor Hat
  • Striped t shirt
  • Shoulder Sweater

Get The Nautical Look

The basic colours of a sailor costume are white and navy so have a go at transforming a dodgy looking white suit into a manly miracle by adding navy hems to the collar, cuffs and trousers and top it all off with a sailor hat! If your stags feel more like sea captains then dress up in dark navy trousers and a gold button navy jacket. Wear a crisp white shirt and a navy tie underneath the jacket and wear a stag captain’s hat! Of course your stag party group can keep everything simple by ordering their costumes online and have them delivered to the door by our offical party store partner - Partydo! Sail your way to success lads with this admiral style!

Stag Day Activity

Sailors take their navigation skills very seriously so why don’t your stags get their compasses, maps and telescopes out and play a water based treasure hunt game? This might take a bit of careful planning but it will be worth the effort as your stags will have a whale of a time completing it (excuse the pun!) Afterwards, why not try your luck inventing some stag sailor drink concoctions while dressing up as cheeky sailors. They’re sure to land a net full of attention when they party hard out on the town that night!


For the classic sailor look your stags should look up some pictures of costumes online. For a more casual sailor look, check out the actor Kevin Costner’s attire in his role in the film ‘Water World’. Either way, your stag party lads are sure to sail to plenty of admiring glances and compliments from pretty dames when they dock in town that night to party!

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