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Naughty Hen Party Dares

It's Laundry Time

Now this is a dare that surely is a little rauchy! It's a dare that any hen can take part in, and the beauty of it is that depending on how adventurous your hen party is it can basically be carried out anywhere at any time! All that is needed is a little flirting ability, cheekiness in abundance! How hard can it be?


1. At a designated time during the hen party this dare shall begin and all hens are to take part.

2.The aim for all of your hens is to be the quickest at getting a fully intact pair of boxers from any male in the vicinity.

3. The hen who returns with a fully intact pair of boxers first is the winner!

4. Once the winner is delcared all losers must each buy her a drink ... so there's plenty to play for!

5. Obviously you cannot approach those under the age of 16, although please feel free to approach any elderly gentlemen!

6. Feel free to do what you wish with the under wear afterwards, return it to it's owner or retain it as a memorabilia ... whatever tickles your fancy!

Kiss and 'Don't' Tell Kiss

There’s nothing wrong with a little kiss here and there, as long as it doesnt lead to anything else then your lovely man has nothing to worry about ... eh girls?


1. Here your mission is to get a kiss on the lips from 3 different men. (No sloppy kissing required!)

2. It's not as easy as that though, the most important aspect of this dare is that the 3 men can only be selected by all the ladies of the hen party and not by the hen herself!

3. These lucky gentlemen can range in age, looks or any criteria the hen party may desire ... so dont be afraid to be creative!

4. For each gentleman from which a kiss isn't obtained then there is a penalty to be imposed.

5. The penalty is at the full discretion of the hen party!

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