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Mexican Stag Do Theme

What You'll Need

  • Sombrero
  • Handle bar moustache
  • Poncho
  • Red Waist Sash
  • Low heeled shoes

Get The Mexican Look

A good start for your stags is to put on a colourful pair of trousers and shirt (Tip: show of some chest hair lads- the ladies will love it!). Then add a brightly coloured poncho and the perfect cheeky stag hat- the Mexican 'sombrero'. Finish of the perfect Mexican stag look by adding a red sash around the waist and some smart low heeled winkle pickers! Accessorise with a handle bar moustache and if any of your stags can play the guitar bring one along to pull of the perfect Mexican stag style.

Stag Day Activity

Mexicans are fond of alcoholic cocktails so why not book your stag lads in for a Mexican cocktail making lesson. This stag day activity will get your lads cheekier by the hour. Enjoy the fiesta lads but remember that a siesta (traditional Mexican nap) doesn’t count as a stag day activity before the big stag night festivities.


If your stags want to see for themselves how a true Mexican man should look gather round and watch “Nacho Libre” a comedy film about a Mexican monk with a passion for wrestling, starring Jack Black this colourful film shows the very best of Mexican clothing!

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