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Mannequin Challenge Stag Do Ideas


The viral video craze that is all over the internet right now is the Mannequin Challenge. These videos feature people who are imitating mannequins by freezing in a certain position while having a video taken of them with music playing in the background. Some of the results have been hilarious with people putting themselves in the most random and awkward positions possible and freezing like that for the duration of the video. With this craze sweeping the world of social media, this could be a chance for you lads to create your own hilarious video with your mates on your stag do! Here we reveal everything you need to know about the Mannequin Challenge and some ideas that could be perfect to try on the stag do.

Mannequin Challenge Song


The song that is played in almost every mannequin challenge is Rae Sremmund featuring Gucci Mane - Black Beatle’s. The talented hip hop duo Rae Sremmund is made up of 2 brothers and they created their own live mannequin challenge at one of their concert’s in Denver by getting everyone in the crowd to freeze!

Celebrity Mannequin Challenge’s


Some of the most famous people in the world have posted mannequin challenge video’s on their social media platform such as Instagram and Facebook. LeBron James posted a video of himself in the White House with Michelle Obama amongst other famous basketball players creating their own Mannequin Challenge. Many sports teams have created Mannequin Challenge’s in their changing room’s after games such as Portugal’s national soccer team including Cristiano Ronaldo posing in only his underwear! Not to mention, England football stars Jamie Vardy and Raheem Sterling celebrated Vardy's goal against Spain by posing in the Mannequin Challenge pose.

Mannequin Challenge Stag Do Ideas


With all the lads being gathered together for the big stag weekend, this is the perfect opportunity to create your very own Mannequin challenge with your closest pals and family! One stag do mannequin challenge idea could be to recreate the craze before, after or during the stag do activity you guys are doing to celebrate on the day. You are guaranteed to create a brilliant Mannequin Challenge when you take a few seconds to freeze during paintballing or at the race track when you are go-karting! Another idea could be to make the video whilst at the hotel or accommodation that you are staying at. This is sure to be a great time to do it as you will have privacy to do something a little bit crazier that you might not get away with in public. But be sure to keep it clean if it is going to be posted on social media lads! You could also create your Mannequin challenge on the stag night. This could be at the bar while having a few drinks or in the VIP area of the club. This may be difficult to do with other members of the public being in the area, but you could try get them to join in too to create an epic video! One way in which you lads could create a video that is guaranteed to be epic is to have a stag do theme where you all have to dress in a certain way whether that be a Superhero theme, Shite Shirts theme or a James Bond theme! A Mannequin Challenge including Iron Man, Spiderman, Captain America and Hulk is a challenge that could possibly go viral!

Now that we have revealed everything you need to know about the Mannequin Challenge, it is up to you lads to now go out and recreate an epic Mannequin Challenge video that is going to be the envy of stag do’s everywhere!

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