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Magical Christmas Hen Party Ideas


With Christmas just around the corner, it is never too early to get in the festive holiday spirit! Christmas hen parties are super magical and a time when all the hens are in happy spirits! When it comes to a Christmas hen party, there are endless festive ideas to mark the celebrations in style from classy Christmas jumpers to sweet treats! All we need now is a man in a red suit coming down the chimney!

We reveal our top magical Christmas hen party ideas to ensure all the ladies are super impressed:

Classy Christmas Jumpers


We love the festive season because it means we can whip out our favourite Christmas jumpers for another while! A Christmas jumper themed hen party is sure to have all the ladies in their element and is of course the ultimate photo opportunity! With Christmas jumpers comes a vast array of designs so there is sure to be something to suit even the fussiest of hens! Why not go all out and get match matching Christmas jumpers for all the hens? It is sure to add the fun factor and a fab way to get everyone involved!

Festive Cocktails


Festive cocktails, otherwise known as mugtails! From hot toddies to baileys hot chocolate, festive cocktails are sure to kickstart the celebrations in style and your ladies won’t be able to get enough of them! Hot cocktails are perfect for warming the ladies up in the cold winter months so you can say they are also very efficient! Get the taste buds tingling with tempting festive cocktails!

Mulled Wine


It wouldn’t be Christmas without a steamy glass of mulled wine! This festive alcoholic beverage is perfect for any special occasion including Christmas day, weddings and of course hen party celebrations so be sure to have plenty to go round! You may also decide to invest in some mulled cider to really impress your hen party guests! Your Christmas hen party celebrations are sure to be a roaring success with these essentials!

Gin and Tonic Truffles


Gin and tonic truffles are always a good idea especially when it’s coming up to Christmas! The ladies will be able to ditch the diet for the night as they indulge in these irresistible and devilish treats! Gin and Tonic Truffles can be easy made in the comfort of your home or bought in almost any large retail store! With a glass of bubbly in hand and a gin and tonic truffle in the other, everyone in sure to be singing your praises!

Cheese Platter


A Christmas cheese platter and crackers are guaranteed to have everyone blissfully indulging as they try out the different tastes! You may even decide to play a few hen party games including the cheese platter by blindfolding the hens and getting them to guess the different selections! A fun way to have everyone chuckling and enjoying the special occasion!

Magical Decorations


From holly bunting to glitter pine comes have your hen party celebrations looking like a Christmas wonderland! When it comes to Christmas decorations, there is no limit so don’t be afraid to go all out! Be sure to add fairy lights to cinnamon stick candles to ensure the place smells super homily! Why not provide fluffy blankets for the hens to curl up as they drink their mulled wine and enjoy a girly chit chat? Your ladies are sure to love this unique idea!

Christmas Treats


Christmas treats are a sure thing to help have everyone super excited for the lively night ahead! Be sure to include festive treats such as pudding and s’mores for the ladies with a sweet tooth! We are also loving snowman cupcakes and Christmas marshmallow pops and we are sure your hens will too! Why not go all out and personalise candy canes with each ladies name? This ensures everyone feels included and impressed by your thoughtful gesture! Christmas treats are totally a crowd pleaser!

Festive Gift Bags


Festive gift bags are a great way to make your hen party celebrations unique and have everyone talking! Be sure to do your research and find out each ladies favourite sweet treat for you to include whether it may be candy canes or humbugs! You may also decide to add personalised Christmas tree baubles for each of the hens as well as mugs for their hot beverages! Don’t forget to include crackers to ensure the girlies pop the celebrations in style! When it comes to festive gift bag the ideas are endless so don’t be afraid to go all out!

So there you have it, our top magical Christmas hen party ideas to help mark the festive season! Be inspired and create your Christmas hen party ideas today!

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