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"Lecter's Gluttony" Stag Do



Offer Includes:

  • Escape from Professor Lecter's Flat
  • Solve the Puzzles in 80 Minutes
  • Fantastic Team Building Excercise
  • Perfect for a Bournemouth Stag Do
  • From Only £15pp

Offer Explained:

The "Lecter's Gluttony" Stag Do package by The Lockey in Bournemouth is sure to thrill and entertain every member of your group!

Professor Lecter had been finally acknowledged for his work and on his Nobel Prize it was saying “For discoveries concerning organ and cell transplantation.” Proud as a peacock he recited his speech and bowed down to the applauding audience. At the Banquet a group of young students bombarded him with questions about the technicalities of organ transplantation and the body’s rejection of alien tissue. He didn’t show any sign of exasperation and proposed to solve the argument during dinner at his place and asked them to keep the secret as he didn’t want extra attention from other frantic geeks. The students agreed and like a bunch of dumdum puppies went with Lecter to his flat and even tried out his odd-looking food. Halfway through the argument they passed out all of a sudden.

You wake up in Lecter’s dungeon and realise it was a set-up and you have to escape for Christ’s sake. On the opposite wall you can read “Left for after-party, back in 80 minutes, can’t wait to show you live organ transplantation!" 

Can you outthink a Nobel Prize laureate, solve his puzzles and emerge victoriously out of this startling yet fascinating story? Each clue will cost you 5 minutes, each hint – 1 minute.


Terms and Conditions

- Must quote 'HenorStag.com'
- This offer is subject to availability
- Minimum of 6 players
- £15 for groups of 12-24
- £18 for groups of 6-11