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Junk Percussion Stag Do Activity



Offer Includes:

  • Create Amazing Sounds and Rhythms
  • Exciting Music Created Using Inanimate Objects
  • Dustbins, Car Wheels, Drain Pipes, Metal Bins and more..
  • 1-3 Hour Experience

Offer Explained:

Are you lads looking for a fun and unique stag do activity? Well why not have a Junk Percussion stag do activity with Beats On The Day where you will learn to create amazing music out of random objects!

Dustbins, car wheels, drain pipes, scrap metal…………. an industry of sound, a remarkable session creating a huge array of sounds and rhythms that will leave your group of stags animated, amazed at their achievement and optimistic about life.

The Junk Ensemble is an amazing journey with inanimate objects constructing new boundaries in music making.

No cost is spared in this recycling excursion; all manner of implements can be used to make tuneful and engaging music on your stag weekend.

with u-bends make for an interesting resonance played with foam bats
Car Wheels: a wheely good metal sound thrashed out on old car wheels, minus the rubber!
Metal bins: the funky bin, with broom handles and energy, it’s not a rubbish sound but a clatter of metal providing the driving hum for the whole group.
And loads more!

So what are you waiting for lads? Book this fantastic stag do activity that is available to any stag do in the United Kingdom!


Terms and Conditions

- Number of stags must be between 10 and 50
- Must quote 'HenorStag.com' to avail of this offer