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James Bond Stag Do


007 is one of the most iconic characters in British film with a staggering 25 movies in the franchise! There is no doubt about it, we have all watched a Bond film and dreamt how cool it would be to be a secret agent! I uncover intel on how you can pull off an adrenaline fuelled stag do that is undeniably James Bond themed from start to finish!

Action Packed Activities

James Bond films are synonymous with exciting shoot-out scenes! Paintballing can be a brilliant way to get the guns out and adrenaline pumping! Don’t rush in however and book with any provider, research paintballing venues and see which can offer the most realistic arena with state of the art equipment!

It wouldn’t be a Bond film without a high octane car chase! In such scenes 007 gets behind the wheel of a sleek Aston Martin and pushes it to the absolute limit. Why not get your stags behind the wheel to experience what its like to drive an exotic sports car on a professional race track? There are many tracks around the country offering a range of different rally driving experiences. The ideal car for this stag do theme would of course be an Aston Martin!

Casino Royale

For the ultimate James Bond stag do why not round up your men up and start the stag night out at a casino? In 007’s pursuit to catch a deadly villain, he has often found himself stirring things up in a casino! This will provide your stags with the perfect chance to put on a tux and really look suave. No casino visit would be complete without a game of poker and Vodka Martini - shaken not stirred of course! 

Bachelor Pad

James Bond being the classy guy that he is, will only stay in the finest hotels around the world! Your stag party should be no different! Most cities offer high end accomodation that won't damage the bank balance too much. Of course you could always live it up on the water?

The Stag Night

James Bonds sure has an eye for the finer things in life! On the stag night, dress smart-casual (blazer and chinos) with neat hair style. Order only martinis at the bar while the single men channel their inner Bond with the ladies!

I hope I have provided you with the framework to produce a thrilling stag do! 

Good Luck Mr Bond

Image Credit: 007.com

Mark Elliott is a lover of sport, all things Apple and socialising with friends!

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