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Invited To The Stag Do and Not The Wedding?


Can you invite people to a stag do but not the wedding? This can be an awkward situation to be put in as you don’t want to make anyone feel like they are being left out. However there are some people you may want to dodge inviting to both the wedding and stag do for a number of reasons. Couples are now trying to save more money on their weddings by not inviting as many people but this has it’s obvious drawbacks. Here we reveal the pro’s and con’s for leaving someone out of the wedding invitations even though they went to the stag do.

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Save Money: Weddings are very expensive and by having a smaller guest list you will save money that can be used elsewhere such as for your future home or kids.

At Least They Got To The Stag Do: You can take consolation from the fact that you got to spend your last days of freedom with the person you brought to the stag do but aren’t inviting to the wedding. This somewhat softens the blow.

Depends How Close You Are: People are invited on stag do’s that aren’t actually that close to the stag such as far out cousins or old friends. They might understand that there are more important people for you and your wife to invite.

Invite Them To The Evening Do: You can always invite these people to your evening do so that they feel like they matter to you and your wife whilst also saving money from not having to include them in the meal plan.


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Can Cause Arguments
: Some people will feel left out and that could cause arguments between friends. It would be wise to consider the personality of the person you are leaving out as some people would take it better than others.

Can Create The Feeling Of Being Used: Some people may perceive it as being invited to the stag do to make up for numbers. This of course can create a lot of awkwardness between the acquaintances!

May encourage others to not invite you
: Because of your actions, others may take the same approach and not invite you to their wedding, and even worse, to the all important stag do celebrations!

So there you have it, our top pros and cons about inviting individuals to the stag do and not the wedding. Be sure to take all our advice on board before making any rational decisions!

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