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In The Air Stag Do

Soar the skies with an ‘In the Air’ stag do activity! With one of these activities you can see the world at its beautiful best. However these activities are not for the faint hearted and do require a certain amount of courage and bravery!

Stag Do Skydiving

The most common type of activity in the air is Sky diving! Sky diving is an adrenaline pumping activity that you would remember for the rest of your life as when do you ever get to travel at 120mph unassisted with any form of machinery?

Depending on how much experience your stags have, you can either skydive by yourself or skydive with an instructor. When going skydiving you will be flew high into the sky then will jump out of the plane free falling for a significant length of time. Once the time is right you will deploy your parachute and safely glide down to the ground.

If your stags want the thrill of virtually flying through the air but are not brave enough to jump out of a plane then you can bring them to a wind tunnel which is a cylindrical room with a massive fan in the floor that blows air at rate that is strong enough to life a human off the ground therefore simulating the experience of sky diving!

Stag Do Paragliding

Paragliding which is similar to parachuting is another great stag do activity in the air. Rather than falling out of the sky, gliders can go airborne by the person running, usually at a location with a high altitude. Once in the air paragliders can be steered and sped up or slowed down.

Stag Do Flying Lesson

If your stags are interested in getting a pilots license then why not take them for a flying lesson on your stag do. Whatever level your stags are at, your flying instructor can tailor each lesson to the ability of ever stag!

There are loads of other activities across the country that use the skies to make their experience thrilling and one to remember!



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