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Immersive Performance Art For Hen and Stag Parties


When watching the spectacle simply isn’t enough—a number of immersive theatre companies are providing customers with the chance to become encaptulated in a live performance! The performance art pieces feign realism and drop you—sometimes unknowingly, into real-to-life depictions of horror, action or performance fantasies! These performance pieces cater toward either making your group the protagonists of the action—or the victims of a high-stakes situation!

Wrestling School


Wrestling school’s are giving you and your friends a chance to rekindle fond childhood memories and become the wrestling superstars you always wished you could be! You can take a crash course on the fundamentals of the wrestling match—from falling correctly to running the ropes! You can then graduate to some of the manoeuvres and strikes, before bringing it all together for a final showdown with your mates and their wrestling alter egos!

Werewolf Hunting


This situational activity drops you and your friends in the midst of a werewolf hunt! Your objective will be to capture the werewolf that has been terrorising the locals by placing cunning booby traps and explosives which will help slay the beast! What’s more, just when you think you have defeated the monster—more are on the way! You will hence protect your base against a horde of werewolves who are baying for blood—engaging in close-quarter combat to fend of the rampaging attackers until you can land the fatal blow to quell the attack! This breathless activity gives you the chance to see how you and your friends measure up to real-life monsters!

Murder Mystery


A murder mystery activity drops you in the compelling world of crime-drama, as you and your gang will attempt to solve the elaborate murder case which has been staged by a number of trained actors. From analysing forensics and interrogating witnesses, your objective is to get to the bottom of the mystery and pin the blame on the guilty perpetrator! This brain teaser will require your group’s collective logic to wade through the various clues at the crime scene in order to deduce who committed the murder!

Zombie Apocalypse


Always wondered how you would fare during a zombie apocalypse? Well worry no longer! This is a situational activity that takes place in a fabricated reality where professionally trained actors stage a zombie apocalypse—with you as the leading protagonist! You and your gang will be given weapons training and kick some Zombie tail in various live action scenarios. Your mettle will be tested as you engage in suspense-filled warfare with realistic zombies that want nothing better that to take a bite out of you!

Medieval War Reenactments and Fantasy Warfare


Unlike prior situational activities, this requires a number of amateur participants of all experience levels to come together to make a war reenactment possible! Amateur theatre groups consisting of history or fantasy buffs will gather and stage an elaborate, full-scale siege as a public performance art piece. Here, you and your friends will contribute to either a realistic or fanciful battle that will capture the imagination of everyone involved—meaning that you can be the Knight or the Elf you always wanted to be! This activity will help you and your mates escape for a day either back in time, or to a different world altogether!

Kidnapping (Stag only)


Having a stag in Krakow, Riga, or Budapest? If so, we must reveal to you the most notorious and extreme ruse of all! This ruse involves your unknowing friends being kidnapped at gunpoint by soldiers—bundled into a van and taken a secure location where they can have the literal fright of their life! This is without doubt the least fun out of all these activities for the guys, as the elaborate scheme that sees the stags abducted in a foreign country borders on cruelty! We definitely do not condone this activity—but it undeniably exists! For you mean spirited stags, this might be the one for you!

Image Credits: Santinobros | Roadtrippers | Rush49 | Wikipedia | Daily Mail

So there you have it—that’s the list! These performance art pieces range from fun to horrific—but either way, are utterly compelling and incredibly immersive! For something different on your hen or stag party, leave the drudgery of everyday life behind and experience something otherworldly!

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