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I Have Never Stag Do Game

I Have Never Stag Do Game

This is an easy one guys and a stag party game that most of you will have played before! This is the perfect stag do game for a stag group in which some of the people don’t know each other.

Players should sit round in a circle and take it in turns to say the statement “I have never…” followed by something they have never done. Anyone that has done what the player hasn’t must drink.

The statement can be anything and below are a list of common questions to get you started:

1. I have never got in a fight
2. I have never went on a lads holiday
3. I have never stolen anything
4. I have never cheated in a relationship
5. I have never went skinny dipping
6. I have never been arrested
7. I have never lied to my partner

By the end of this I Have Never stag do game, you should know everyone a lot better. It’s the perfect chance to have a great laugh while getting to know each other!

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