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How To Budget a Stag Party


One of the toughest aspects of arranging the celebrations is how to stag party budget. Everyone in the group is going to have different incomes and will be planning on spending different amounts on the stag weekend so it is important to consider this when booking the accommodation, activities and travel. In order to make a stag weekend as successful as possible, it may cost a little bit more. Here we reveal the costs that you need to consider and how you find out how much people will be willing to spend before you book anything that may not be suit some members of the group financially.

The Cost of a Stag Do

There are lot’s of costs when you go on a stag weekend but it is also important to remember that to ensure quality, you may have to spend that little bit more. There is no average spend on a stag weekend so it is impossible to estimate what you will spend without creating a budget so here we have revealed some of the main costs on a stag do.



How to stag party budget effectively you ask? Well, one of the first things you must organise when booking is the stag do accommodation. This is one way in which you can make a huge difference to your stag party budget as you can choose to stay at luxurious 5* hotels or self catering houses or save a lot of money by booking a hostel or a budget hotel. Generally the more you spend, the greater experience you have but there are many cheap hotels and hostels out there that can still offer your group a great experience and save a lot of money in the process. Make sure to find out how much each stag will have to pay and whether meals are included as that can save money on dining costs.



The stag do activity you choose will also have a huge impact on your budget. It is important to find out the cost of the activity for each person and whether you can avail of group discounts. Another important point to remember is how far away the activity centre is as you will have to pay transport.



Plan what bars you are visiting and check out the price of alcohol and food in these venue’s. This part is hard to budget and generally comes down to personal choice on how much to spend. We recommend you take a look at our favourite 9 Stag Night Ideas!



When asking how to stag party budget, travel is always a main factor must people focus on!Costs will occur from travelling to your destination whether that be flight, bus, limo or cars, taxi’s from hotel’s, nightclubs, bars and activity centre’s. Check flight prices using comparison websites which can help reduce costs.



Try to plan where you are going to eat so that everyone will have a general idea on how much money they will need for food. If you plan to eat in hotel’s or high end restaurants, costs are most definitely going to be higher.



Are you planning on having a stag do theme such as “Superhero’s” or “James Bond”? If so, this will cost extra money so it is important to put it in the budget. Check out top 9 Epic Stag Do Themes!

Above we have just revealed the main costs of a stag do but it is also important to budget for the unexpected such as losing luggage and having to buy new clothes, gambling, gifts or pranks!

To find out what sort of accommodation, activities and nightlife is suitable for the guys in your group, the best thing to do is speak to the groom-to-be as he will know everyones limits better. Some men in the group might have kids and be married already while others may be young and carefree so there will be a clear difference in how much each person is willing to spend. Try not to annoy people who are trying not to spend as much by organising a very expensive stag weekend.

We hope that these stag party budget tips really help you in what can be a very difficult process. Fingers crossed now that everything goes to plan!

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