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How To Plan A Modern Stag Do


Late night boozing and strippers are the benchmark for the traditional stag do but many men are now drifting away from this cliched experience. Gentlemen are now planning modern stag do’s that include much more civilised behaviour with activities such as life drawing classes, team building activities, whiskey tasting and city tours becoming increasingly popular with stag parties. 

One reason for the modern stag do edging further away from the traditional rowdiness that everyone associates with stag weekends, is that the average for a man to get married for the first time is 33 which is a significant increase to their parents generation which got married in their mid 20’s. This is a big factor as many men in their early/late 30’s are likely to be in the middle of their career and have a lot of responsibilities, unlike in their 20’s when they still felt young and care free. The Guardian have quoted one best man on why he chose a life drawing class for the stag do activity: “There’s pressure these days to do something different and this is something unusual for a group of boys,” he says. “I wouldn’t say the traditional stag weekend boozing didn’t appeal at all but some of us are married with kids and it’s not really us.” 

Quad Biking

It is clear to see that there are many reasons why the traditional booze up is coming to an end for some and here we will give you our top tips on how to plan a modern stag do and what activities and stag night ideas you can choose.

Modern Stag Do Activities

Everyone knows that the standard stag do activities include pub crawls, strippers, paintball and quad biking. Here we have came up with a list of modern stag do activities that are classier and a little bit different than the norm.

Whiskey / Wine Tasting

Whiskey Tasting

Although this activity includes alcohol, it is not your typical booze up at the local. Whiskey and wine tasting is offered in many bars, hotel’s and distilleries and it is a fun and educational stag do activity. Your group can learn all about the history of certain blends of whiskeys or types of wines in a fun yet informative way. Should you be having a Killarney stag do then make sure to get to Irish Whiskey Experience where you can learn all about Irish whiskey and get to sample many different blends. You can even try your hand at creating your own unique blend!

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Escape Rooms

Escape Room Activity

An ever increasingly popular stag do activity is paying a visit to an Escape Room. The modern stag do loves this activity as it is great for team building as members of the stag party have to work together to solve clues in order to escape from the rooms and it is also a relatively cheap activity to take part in! If you are planning a stag weekend in Belfast then make sure to get to Escape Belfast who offer 2 thrilling escape rooms called “The Preacher” and “Down the Rabbit Hole”. Have you got what it takes to solve the clues and escape?

Life Drawing Class

Life Drawing Class

Try something truly unique as your modern stag do activity and take a fun life drawing class. This is more than likely something completely new to everyone in your group but it sure is going to be unforgettable! Life Drawing models have found a huge increase in the amount of stag groups looking to choose this activity. Your group will get to draw a real life model that will be standing in front of you. Whether you are artistic or not, this will be a fun and unique activity that you won’t forget in a hurry! You will also get to keep your drawing as a keepsake from the stag weekend!

Day at the Races

Day at the races

Gather your stags and make your way to the races! This classy modern stag do idea is sure to please everyone in the group, whether you like gambling or not. This is your chance to get dressed up in your best suit and enjoy the electric atmosphere that comes on race day. If you fancy a flutter on the horses then place some bets and hopefully you will have some luck. Fairyhouse Racecourse is a fantastic venue to visit on your Dublin stag do and not only is your group in for thrilling races but also fine dining and great drinks throughout the venue! Did we mention that there will also be lots of lovely, stylish ladies there?

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Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt

A great way to build team spirit within a stag party is to choose a treasure hunt as the activity. With a treasure hunt your group will be split up into teams and made to go look for clues and landmarks throughout a town or city and race to see who is first back to win the treasure! Whether you are choosing a Kilkenny stag do or a Belfast stag do, you will find thrilling treasure hunts from businesses such as Kilkenny Activity Centre and Escape Belfast. This unique stag so idea is becoming much more popular and is great fun for people of all ages, interests and abilities.

We hope that we have given you the inspiration needed on how to plan a modern stag do. You can now see that there are a range of activities out there for stag groups looking to break away from the status quo on the stag weekend!

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