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How To Plan A Last Minute Stag Weekend


Your best mate has announced he's proposed and wants you to plan a stag do in a matter of only weeks or a few months! Some men have to plan “shotgun” weddings and this can be for a number of reasons such as his other half becoming pregnant or being so madly in love that they just can’t wait any longer to commit and say their vows. As the best man you may think that it is going to be impossible to make this stag do a success, but fear not, we reveal how to plan a last minute stag weekend in style!

Set a Date and Destination


The first thing you must do when booking a last minute stag do is to choose the date and the destination. Choosing the date first is very important because once you start trying to book a date around other peoples plans, you may never get the stag do booked! Because it is last minute, there will only be a certain amount of time to have a stag weekend before the wedding so set that date ASAP. Next thing that needs booked is the destination or activity. Once again, because this is being done at such short notice, it may be difficult to get accommodation and activities booked so make sure to get this all organised as quickly as you can.

Who To Invite?


Planning a stag party at last minute can be a real pain because a lot of people who would be invited might have made prior plans on this date or they may be unable to get out of work for it. Our advice would be to sit down with the stag at an early opportunity and write up a list of people who will have to be invited. Once you have considered everyone that needs to be invited, the next thing to do is get in contact with them and let them know the date and destination so that they can try plan work and other events around the stag. As mentioned before, it may be difficult for some people to do this so don’t take it personal if people are unable to attend!

Be Flexible and Open-Minded


One problem that may occur when booking a last minute stag weekend is that the ideal accommodation or activity may be fully booked up. Therefore it is essential that you keep an open mind and be flexible with what you choose. If all the 4* hotel’s near your destination are at full capacity, why not book a party house or self-catering accommodation that can be just as fun and comfortable? The same goes for the activity. Don’t think that you must go paint balling or go karting, there are many alternative stag do ideas such as whiskey tasting or shooting that can be just as fun!

Create a WhatsApp / Facebook Group Chat


It is of great importance to stay in constant contact with the rest of the stags when you are booking the stag do especially when it is all happening so quickly. By getting contact numbers for all of the lads and creating a group, you can put messages into the chat that can be seen by everyone at once. This saves time from having to contact everyone individually and all the guys can throw in ideas to help plan the weekend.



Make sure to get all the stags to pay up front for the accommodation, transport and activities because if you have any drop outs at late notice, everyone else costs are going to increase significantly!

We hope that these tips for booking a last minute stag weekend help relive some of the stress that you may be under to make it a success. Just stay calm and remember that the weekend will be a success no matter what as you will get to spend a few cracking days with your closest pals to celebrate the stag’s last days of freedom!

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