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Makeup Brushes Hen Party SOS


Nobody likes cleaning their make-up brushes but it is essential, particularly when you have an upcoming big event (namely, a hen night or a wedding!). Not cleaning them can lead to acne and infections so save yourself the heartache and stay on top of your brush cleaning routine. It’s much easier than you think- you’ll just need antibacterial soap, olive oil and baby shampoo.

Combine these 3 products in a bottle together:

1) Johnson's Baby Shampoo
2) Carex Natural Hand Wash
3) Napolina Olive Oil

Yes, place one third of each into a bottle. Then give it a good shake and voila! You’ve made your own brush cleaner! 

Next you’ll need a basin of hot water. Work the brush cleaner into the bristles and then rinse them off with the water. You will be amazed with the amount of old product hiding out in your brushes. Amazed and probably a bit disgusted!

Wipe the bristles with a piece of kitchen paper and lay them out on a towel. It’s best to prop the towel up with something so that the brushes are at an angle, this ensures that the water runs out of them rather than back into the handle of the brush as this will rot the hair of the brush and cause it to fall apart. 

Leave the brushes upright until they are dry and then put them away. Enjoy your smug feeling of accomplishment until the next time they need to be washed (this depends on how much you use them). 

You can also buy a brush cleaner to clean your brushes between deep cleaning- a number of brands make them but our highly commended ribbons go to Primark PS Love This Brush Cleaner purely because it is a steal at £2 and still contains enough alcohol to clean your brushes between uses!

Boots No7 Brush Cleaner is slightly more upmarket but at £8 is 4 times the price for a very similar product. 

Thanks to Irish beauty vlogger Melanie Murphy on YouTube who introduced me to this method of cleaning brushes. 

Happy cleaning, ladies! Your skin will thank you! 

-Rachael x
Rachael O'Reilly

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